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INFO:Guide for Automation of Exchange Hosting Module

Mudesira Munir

01:Exchange Hosting Dashboard/Landing Page

01.a.     How To View Exchange Hosting Inventory

01.b.     How To View Exchange Hosting Monitoring

01.c.     How To View SPLA Reports for Exchange Hosting?

01.d.     How To Enable Auditing for Exchange Hosting?

01.e.     How To Configure Role Based Access Control (RBAC)?

02: How To Integrate Exchange Servers in MachPanel?

02.a.     How To assign UM policy in Exchange Hosting?

02.b.     How To integrate Email Client for Exchange Hosting?

02.c.     How To Configure SOP for Exchange Server Groups(optional)?

03: How To Add Exchange Service Plans?

03.a.     How To Create and Provision an Add-on?

03.b.     How To Upgrade/Downgrade Service Plan?

03.c.     How To Sell Addon in Bulk to All Resellers/All Customers & review Quota Over Usage Report?

04: How To Add Exchange Accounts?

05: How To Manage Exchange Accounts?

05.a.     How To add Mail Domains?

05.b.     How To add Mailboxes?

05.b.(i). How To Manage Mailboxes in Exchange Hosting?

05.b.(ii). How to select Personal Archive Database and enable Mail/Personal Archiving for a User Mailbox?

05.b.(iii). How To add Linked Mailboxes?

05.b.(iv). How To Perform Group Operations under Mailboxes?

05.b.(v). How to Soft delete/Permanent delete, Restore and Recover deleted mailboxes?

05.c.     How To add Mail Contacts?

05.d.     How To add Distribution Lists?

05.e.     How To add Public Folders?

05.e.(i). How To Import Public Folders?

05.e.(ii). How To Handle public folder hierarchy?

05.f.      How To add Disclaimers?

05.g.     How To manage compliance (Retention setting, Journaling, Litigation & In-Place Hold) of users?

05.h.     How To add Mobile device policy?

05.i.      How To add Application Impersonation?

05.j.      How To add Calendar Permissions in Exchange account & Mailbox?

06: How To Create Exchange Mailbox Databases?

07: How To Add Public Folder Mailboxes (PFM)?

08: How To Add Mailbox Templates? 

09: How To Perform Migration of Mailboxes via Mailbox Manager?

10: How To Integrate SPAM Filters?

11: How To Perform PST Exports/Imports?

12. How To Import Exchange Organizations and Users via Import Utility?


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