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HOW TO:Migrate Exchange mailboxes from Exchange servers in one forest to Exchange servers in other forest (Cross forest Migration)

Khurram Hameed


This article guides how to migrate Exchange mailboxes from Exchange servers in one forest to Exchange servers in other forest (i.e. Cross Forest Migration)

Applies to

This article applies to MachPanel Build v6.4.22 and above.

  • Enabling MRS proxy.
  • Auto-discovery should be in place.
  • Valid SSL certificate should be in place on both Exchange Platforms.
Migrating Mailbox (es) in Machpanel

Navigate to Home > Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Mailbox Migration

There are four tabs named as Stats, Endpoints, Batches, and Mailbox Migration.


Under Stats tab, stats of Batches and Mailboxes are shown


Under Endpoints tab, Click to Add new Endpoints

specify Endpoint name, select Domain, specify Source mailbox email address, specify Source Admin Username and password.

Clicking Verify Endpoints details will show success message as shown below

Specify Max concurrent migrations and Max concurrent incremental sync and click Save, All Endpoint will be shown listed like shown below


Under Batches tab, Click Add new Batch

Select Endpoint from the list, Target Organization and Domain will be shown (one can confirm if these are correct or not), specify Batch name,
User (s)
can be searched and selected, specify Bad and Large Item limits, email address (es) can be specified if you want to be notified.
Mode of syncing (Auto or Manual can be configured via checkbox), click Save.

Logs are shown like this


On closing the logs, All the Batches are shown listed like this.

Mailbox Migration

Under Mailbox Migration, Mailbox wise migration status can be viewed.

 Note: On all above interfaces records can be searched/ filtered based on supported criteria.

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