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HOW TO:Import/Export PST option only for Exchange 2013 or later

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary on how to enable Import/Export PST option only for Exchange 2013 or later in MachPanel.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel Build v6.3.30 HF1 and later.
Import/Export PST option settings
  • In order to "Enable PST Import Export Option" for Customers and Resellers, Enable permission Allow PST Download under Access Template\Permissions, See image below for reference.


How to Configure UNC path for Import/Export PST?
  • Navigate to path: Home > Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Exchange Server Groups and click on PST Export Settings as shown below:


Or Navigate to following path: Home > Service Director > Exchange Hosting > PST Exports/Imports and click Configure.

In the PST Import Export Configuration perform below :
  1. Server group: For e.g. Exchange-ess2019
  2. Enabled: Check this box to enable PST import/export
  3. Base url for PST download link, example: https://providersite/downloads/pst
  4. UNC path for PST download, example: \\webserver\site\pst
  5. Maximum export jobs to be created in parallel on a server: [value 1 to 100]
  6. Auto delete PST file from server after creation [3-30] days.
  7. UNC path for import

How to import PST on a Mailbox:

  • Navigate to following Path: Home > Service Director > Exchange Hosting > PST Exports/Imports
  • Click New Import Job  under PST Imports tab as shown below:

  • Select PST file to import , Click Add and then Save when done.

How to export PST on a Mailbox:

  • Navigate to Exchange Service Management of Organization & Click  Export PST for any Mailbox as shown below:


New Window open which requires input email address for PST download link.

  1. Email address(es) for PST download link: Multiple addresses can be added separated by comma. Primary email will be pre-populated.
  2. Bad item limit: It is a limit to skip no of bad items in mailbox, if there are more than specified bad items, migration fails.

  • It will be added in Group Actions which will process automatically. Currently we have no implementation of group\bulk operation for mailbox exporting PST.

  • You can see the list of Mailboxes PST Exports:

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