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HOW TO:MachPanel REST API Configuration



This article guides how to configure MachPanel REST API


.Net 4.7.2 or later is required


 Download (Updated 22 Novemeber, 2023), unzip, and place it on a path that can be accessed via IIS Web Site Creation Wizard.

Launch IIS Manager, Select Application Pools, Click to Add Application Pool in Action pane.

Specify a Name and select .NET CLR version (v4.0), Click OK

  1. Select the pool,
  2. In Action pane, click on Advance Settings
  3. Locate Identity (under Process Model)
  4. Select Custom account
  5. Specify credentials, click OK
    • Note: This account shall have read/write access to physical path and MachPanel registry, it is recommended to use same identity account which is used for MachPanel App pool.

Click to add website, follow these steps

  • Specify Site name
  • Specify Physical path (steps 2-4)