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HOW TO:How to Import Public Folders in MachPanel



This article provides information about how to Import Public Folders in MachPanel Control server.

Applies To

MachPanel 7.0.25 HF1 or later, Please Update if you are on earlier versions


  • Launch Registry Editor on Machpanel Control Server Navigate to "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MachSol\MachPanel"
  • Locate the String "PFOrgParentFolder"
  • Clear this Value= 'domain' as shown below and click OK.


  • Go to Home > Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Exchange Accounts
  • Click Manage in front of the organization under which you want to import public folders.
  • Click on Enable migration tab as shown in below snapshot.


  • After clicking on Enable migration tab go to the Public Folders tab. Here you will see the Import button under Public Folders tab as shown below:


  • You will see all the public folders under '\', you need to select the Parent Public Folder e.g. \ in this example


  • Click on Save to complete the public folder import process. You will see the below message on completion.
  • That will complete the public folder import process, all sub Public folders will get imported automatically.

  • Revert the value i.e. the value of "PFOrgParentFolder" to 'domain' again.


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