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HOW TO:Enable Audit and Export Audit Logs to Mailbox(es)

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary on how to Enable Audit and Export Audit logs to Mailbox(es).

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v6 and later.

Enable Audit on Mailbox(es)
  • Navigate to the following path: Home > Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Exchange Accounts 
  • Click Manage link in front of the organization.
  • Select Mailboxes tab and click Group Actions as shown below:

  • Select Mailboxes and Enable Audit as shown below:

Export Mailbox Audit Log

Navigate to following path: Home > Service Director > Exchange Hosting > Auditing

Under Export Mailbox Audit Log select following:

  1. Select Organization: Select Exchange organization from dropdown.
  2. Search for Access by: All Non Owners, Administrators and delegated users, Administrators
  3. Send Report to: Select Mailboxes
  4. Click Export when done.

Export Admin Audit Logs:

Similarly you can Export Admin Audit logs to a provided email address.


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