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HOW TO:Update MachPanel Remote Server to Latest Version

Abdullah Afaq

This articles provides information about how to update your MachPanel Remote Server to latest version.

Applies To:

MachPanel Remote Server all Versions


  1. Dot Net Framework 3.5
  2. Dot Net 4.5.2 is also required for Remote Server updates (applies to 6.0.36 or later)
  3. The servers on which MachPanel Control Panel and MachPanel Remote Server are installed, need to be exposed to internet (but can be limited only to our license and update servers). You can enable access only to the update and license servers so that configuration studio can download updates from our live servers.

    Please ensure access to following addresses is allowed from control and remote servers:






  • Kindly ensure to take backup of MachPanel files with version name usually at this path C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Remote Server

    (e.g. backup of MachPanel V.5.6.44 files -> copy the 'MachPanel' folder, paste it in 'MachSol Inc' folder and rename it as MachPanel-5644)

STEP 1: Backup MachPanel Remote Server:

1.   Shut down the MachPanel Provisioning Service and also exit the Remote configuration studio. Make sure no instance to MachPanel Remote Configuration Studio is running under any user.

2.   Copy all the files from this path: C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Remote Server\ and place them at another safe location as backup.
3.   Backed up files for Remote Server must be saved under the folder (MP_Remote_Files_Backup_5644)

  • Make sure that MachPanel Control Server is updated first. If not then first update MachPanel Control Server :
  • Before applying backup or replacing files\folders (hotfixes etc.), please make sure that all the services are STOPPED from MachPanel Remote Configuration Studio. Verify from Task Manager that the following services are not running.
  1. MachSol.MachPanel Provisioning Service
  2. MachSol.MachPanel.ConfigurationStudio.exe


To update MachPanel to latest version, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open MachPanel Control Server Configuration Studio.
  • Then go to the following navigation path in MachPanel Configuration Studio: Configure >> Software Updates.
  • Click Check Available Updates button under Update Software tab on right pane of configuration studio. If you get error 'No update available' at this point, then open 'Run' and type 'regedit'. Then navigate to Computer > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > MachSol > Remote Configuration Studio. Double click on CoreVersion to open it. Type in here the build version to which you want to update to or the latest build version. For example to update to build 6.1.30 type 6130 and click 'OK'. Now go back to configuration studio and check update again.
  • If the remote server is still unable to find the updates after editing the CoreVersion registry entry, then you have to edit the CoreVersionFull entry as well with the version input like v 6.1.30 depending on the version you are updating to as shown in snapshot below.

  • Then click on Download button.
  • At the end click Install button.
*After the updates have been performed, make sure that the control and all the remote servers are on same build, otherwise they wont be able to communicate with each other

Important note:

From Build 5.5.23 onwards, the Remote Servers will get automatically updated to new version whenever Control Server is updated.

Please ensure that settings below are set ONCE on all Remote Servers as well as on Control Server for automatic updates to work:

1. Change Registry of Control Panel Server to Set IP of Control Panel machine which is accessible from all remote servers. This IP will be replicated to all remote servers and the remote server will get updates as well as look to be on the same version as control panel with this IP:

2. Change Registry on Remote Server as below:

CoreIPAddress: Will be auto fetched from control but for first time, you have to set it same as IP of your control panel server.

CoreVersion: Will be auto updated from control panel machine via the CoreIPAddress in future, but for first time update it as 5522

CoreVersionFull: Will be auto updated from control panel machine via the CoreIPAddress in future, but for first time update it as v 5.5.23

Perform update on Control Panel and then on all Remote Servers.
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