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HOW TO:Sell a service to customer in MachPanel



This article describes in detail about selling a service to a customer in MachPanel.

Applies To
MachPanel all versions.
MachPanel Control Server has been installed, if not then follow below KB article:

MachPanel Remote Server has been installed, if not then follow below KB article:

Also make sure that MachPanel Control Server and MachPanel Remote Server should be on the same build and that MachPanel Provisioning Service is running on both servers
Steps to Provision an Account \ Subscribe to a Service
  • Open MachPanel Control Panel Website (You can do it by opening MachPanel Control Server Configuration Studio and then navigating to Configure > Control Panel Website, and then clicking on the URL in it). Log in with the provider credentials.
  • Navigate to Home » Customer Manager » Customers and then click on Subscribe Service for the customer you want to subscribe a new service.

  • Select the Billing currency which you selected while creating the service plan.


  • Select the Service which you want to sell to selected customer from the services shown in below snapshot.

  • On the next page fill the required information and select the service plan from dropdown menu against Packages and then click on Shopping Cart.


  • Add \associate Addon as required.

  • On review page click on Next


  • Fill out the payment method and click on "Generate" against Transaction ID if the billing method is used from MachPanel also. Select the Payment method from the dropdown menu against Payment method. You can write order comments and billing comments also for new subscription. Click on Save to save the new order.
  • You can also choose Payment later option.

  • Once the order has been saved it will go to the "Service Queue" for execution. Click on "Run" to complete the Order.

  • It will complete the process of subscribing a customer to new service.

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