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HOW TO:Service Management of Exchange in MachPanel

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary on Exchange services management i.e. adding mail domains, mailboxes, contacts, DL's, Public folders, disclaimer etc. in MachPanel.

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This article applies to MachPanel all versions.


Before you can manage services of Exchange you need to Integrate Exchange With MachPanel Control Panel. Please review the below KB article:

Service Management of Exchange Hosting:
  • You can manage hosting services for Exchange by clicking on the Service Management link from the following path: Home >> Service Director >> Exchange Hosting >> Exchange Accounts. See the snapshot below:



The general tab shows the general details of the subscription. See the snapshot below:

  • Click on Enable Migration button to import Public Folders in exchange account. Please review following KB article for more details:
  • Click on Sync data from backend in order to synchronize to the changes made at the backend. Please review following KB article for more details:
Adding an SMTP \ Mail domain:

Select Mail Domains tab. Enter the new SMTP domain name and select type of the domain and click on Add New Domain button. See the snapshot below:

Adding and Managing Mailboxes
You can add Mail box user to your Exchange account under the Mailboxes tab. MachPanel currently support User Mailboxes, Room Mailboxes, Equipment mailboxes and Linked mailboxes. To To add a mail box, please see more details for adding mailboxes to MachPanel Control Panel.         

  • You can also Add\import bulk mailboxes. After selecting mailboxes, you can enable\disable\delete mailboxes in bulk.
  • You can also Download Outlook Profile. See our KB article for more details.
  • You can also hold a mailbox for legal purposes by Enabling Litigation hold for the Mailbox.

  • You can also perform Group Actions on number of mailboxes. Also in the latest build, you can select mailbox using CSV input separated by coma

Following are available option for Group Action on the selected mailboxes.

  1. General Settings
  2. Mail Flow Settings
  3. Storage Quotas
  4. Mailbox features
  5. Mailbox database
  6. Distribution List membership
  7. Enable Litigation Hold
  8. Add Email Alias
  9. Update Primary Email
  10. Personal archive settings
  11. Public Folders
  12. Email Forwarding
  13. Calendar Permissions
  14. Grant Permissions
  15. Remove Permissions
  16. Add Email Alias Using CSV
  17. Enable/Update Journaling

If Exchange provider is 2013 (CU9) or later display checkbox under mailbox permissions Send On Behalf \ Send As "Message copy for Send On Behalf \ Send As enabled" [Checkbox] is shown.

Please review following KB article for more details on mailbox management:
Adding Contacts:

Mail contacts are listed in exchange Global Address List (GAL) and visible in OWA. Click on the mail contact name to manage advanced properties. When a mail contact is disabled it no longer shows in GAL.

Select Mail Contacts tab and click on Add Mail Contact button to add a contact, you can also add\delete\enable\disable bulk mail contacts. See the snapshot below:

You can also use Add Bulk Mail contact and add mail contact in bulk.

Also you can export mail contacts to excel

Adding and Managing Distribution List:
Distribution lists are group of mailboxes for easy mail distribution. For example, you may create a 'staff' distribution list, add mailboxes to it and then use sales distribution list to send single email which is distributed among all the member mail boxes. See the snapshot below:

Please review following KB article for more details on Adding and Managing Distribution Lists:

Adding and Managing Public Folders:
To create a new Public Folder, click on Add Public Folder Button and provide the required details for e.g. as shown below:

Please review following KB article for more details on Adding and Managing Public Folders:

Company Disclaimers:
You can also add company disclaimers to your exchange accounts. See the snapshot below:

  • You can also add exception to Disclaimer.
  • You can Prepend Disclaimer

*Note: In the latest Build, Disclaimer is prevented as ID is appended with name. In the Display of the E-Mail signature list in MachPanel it does not show the ID in the Name, Just the name is shown that is chosen by customer.

Group Actions:

In order to check the status of Mailbox Provisioning, Distribution Lists and contact creation, select Group Actions tab. You can now set priority of Group Actions. Please review following KB article:

SPAM Experts:

In order to manage spam expert, select SPAM Filters tab as shown below:

For more details review following KB article:

Adding and Managing Mobile Device Mailbox Policy:

Mobile Mailbox Device policy is sold via service plans and Add-ons also you can set in resources for already existing subscriptions as shown below:

To create a new Mobile Device Mailbox Policy, provide policy name and select Mailbox as shown below:

On selecting "Require a Password" following fields will appear:

Application Impersonation:

For Exchange 2010 and later server versions, You can add Mailbox to Application Impersonation under tab “Application Impersonation” in Exchange Organization management.
Selectable/Selected List with searching option of active User, Linked Mailboxes and Mail-Enabled Security Groups. Also implemented its "Access Template" permission.


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