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HOW TO:How to Add a New Mailbox



This article provides information about how to add a new Exchange mailbox in MachPanel Control server.

Applies To

MachPanel v6.1.30 & above.


Exchange has been integrated with MachPanel if not then follow:

  • Go to Home >> Service Director>> Exchange Hosting >> Exchange Accounts
  • Clicking on Exchange accounts will open the new page. Click on service management against the organization in which you want to create new mailbox,
  • On the next page click on the Mailbox tab and then Move pointer\cursor on Add New Mailbox button and select Mailbox type as shown below.


  • In Add Bulk Mailboxes, you can select Mailbox type from the dropdown list.


Types of Mailboxes supported in MachPanel:

  • User Mailbox
  • Room Mailbox
  • Equipment Mailbox
  • Linked Mailbox
  • Shared Mailbox for Ex 2013\2016
Note: Please find the KB article for more details on "Linked mailboxes" at


Fill the form by

  • Select Template: Select appropriate template for your Mailbox.
  • Full Name: Provide full name of the user\mailbox.
  • Primary Email: Provide your email address.
  • Mailbox Type: Select mailbox type as mentioned above.
  • Password: Provide password of length and complexity defined.

You can also assign "Permissions" such as Send On Behalf and Send As while creating Mailboxes.

  • Mailbox Database: Select Database for the MB.
  • Mailbox Size (in MB): You can select either unlimited or custom. When custom is selected you need to provide below:
    • Issue warning at (MB): Provide limit to issue warning.
    • Prohibit send at (MB): Provide limit to prohibit send at.
    • Prohibit send and receive at (MB): Provide limit to prohibit send and receive at.
  • Language: Select language of the MB.
  • Timezone: Select TimeZone for the MB.
  • Alternate Email: Provide if you require an alternate email address.

      • After providing all the details on next page for the new mailbox, click on save and it will add a new mailbox for that organization showing provisioning status as shown in snapshot below:

      To see complete details, click Group Actions Tab:

      Wait for the status to update as Completed. If the Tries count stays on 0. Log into Control Panel Server and start MachPanel Provisioning Service. Recheck after 5 minutes.

      Failed Status: If you see failed status please click on the Failed link & see more details of the issue e.g given below:

      Error: As per error details provisioning service on remote server is stopped, Log into Remote server & start the provisioning service.

      MachPanel will automatically tries to create the mailbox after you fix the backend issue. Refresh the page to see the updated result\status.


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