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HOW TO:Sell Shared Mailbox and Resources Mailbox Add-ons in bulk to Resellers and End-Customers

Zohaib Shaikh


In our latest build  the handling of Shared and Resource mailboxes has been updated and improved. These two resources are now handled via add-ons. We had changed the handling earlier to handle via the service plan but there was issues with resource separation. Resources sold for Shared/Resource Mailboxes would merge with resources of user mailboxes and were problematic and thus we had to change implementation to settle that under the add-ons.

So, if you wish to give your Resellers and End-Customers of Resellers option to create up-to 9999 Shared or Resource mailboxes,  you will need to create 2 add-ons. 1 add-on for Resource Mailbox and Other for Shared Mailbox and then sell them via bulk selling section to desired resellers and customers.

Alternatively you can create these add-ons with your desired minimum values and sell different quantities to desired resellers and customers same as other add-ons.

Applies To

MachPanel 5.5.23 Onwards

Increase Resources for Exisitng subscription (Quota Over Usage):

Navigate through Home » Service Director » General » Reports and click on Quota Over Usage Report.


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