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HOW TO:Update MachPanel Control Server to Latest Version



This articles provides information about how to update your MachPanel Control Server to latest version.

Applies To:

MachPanel Control Server all Versions

  1. Dot Net Framework 3.5
  2. Dot Net 4.5.2 is also required for Control Server updates (applies to 6.0.36 or later)
  3. The servers on which MachPanel Control Panel and MachPanel Remote Server are installed, need to be exposed to internet (but can be limited only to our license and update servers). You can enable access only to the update and license servers so that configuration studio can download updates from our live servers.
  4. Please ensure access to following addresses (HTTP and HTTPS) are allowed from control and remote servers:
*Important Note:
  • Prior to performing any update take backup of your MachPanel Database, Control and Remote servers. See below KB article for more details on how to take backup.
  • In case of Manual Update, before replacing files\folders (hotfixes etc.), please make sure that all the services are STOPPED from MachPanel Configuration Studio. Verify from Task Manager that the following services are not running.
  1. MachSol.MachPanel Provisioning Service.
  2. MachSol.MachPanel.ConfigurationStudio.exe.
  3. MachPanel Billing Service.
  4. MachPanel Helpdesk Service.
  5. MachPanel Network Service.
  6. MachPanel License Service.

Auto Update Procedure:

To update MachPanel to latest version, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open MachPanel Control Server Configuration Studio.
  • Click Software Updates
  • Click Check Available Updates button under Update Software tab on right pane of configuration studio.

  • Then click on Download button.
  • At the end click Install button.
After the updates have been performed, make sure that the control and all the remote servers are on same build, otherwise they wont be able to communicate with each other.


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