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Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary of Mailbox templates feature.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v5.5.23 and above

How to add a Mailbox template?

  • To add a mailbox template navigate to the path:Home >> Service Director >> Exchange Hosting>> Mailbox Templates.
  • Click on Add button as shown in snapshot below:

Provide Template Name and select the SPLA type from the drop down list and also select Throttling Policy. When a template is applied to a mailbox then respective throttling policy will also be applied.

Features \Resources and option covered in Templates:

The following features are covered in Mailbox templates:

  • Storage Quotas
  • Mailbox Features
  • Custom Attributes

How Templates can be applied for New and Existing subscriptions?

  • Navigate to path: Home » Service Plans » Exchange and select "Sync Sold Plan resources" option Under Basic Info Tab as shown below:

  • Click on Next and under Resources tab select Template(s) to be assigned to an Exchange Account.

  • Now when the customer creates a new mailbox user, he will be able to select the Template from the drop down list as shown below.

  • By clicking on the Show Template Details link you will be able to see the details of the template selected:

Change Mailbox template for existing Mailbox(es)

  • You can also apply templates to more than one mailboxes under tab: Mailboxes >> Group Actions >> Mailbox features.

Note: A template can be assigned to mailbox when adding a mailbox provide that its resource does not exceed the package resources.

Custom Mailbox Template Feature

New Access template permission is introduced, named as "Allow custom mailbox template", which is not allowed by default. If allowed in access template/permission all subscriptions under that customer/reseller will see a node "Custom" in Mailbox template dropdown (add/edit mailbox, mailbox group actions).

If "custom" selected in add/edit Mailbox or via group action, all effected Mailboxes will see "Advanced"tab (like no mailbox template is applied ever), new mailbox settings will be according to plan/add-on resources. Edit mailbox (created using mailbox template previously) feature selected via access template will be shown in Advanced tab (This will just set template as custom, nothing will be changed, but visible in edit interface to change if custom is selected.).

We should be able to set existing mailboxes template to Custom using "Group Action" Feature.

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