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This article provides links to important KB's that are required to Setting up MachPanel.

Installation of MachPanel Software

Customization and Billing

Customization of MachPanel includes Personalization, Localization, Layout Settings, Menu Setting, Theme changes & Email Templates etc.

  • Customization and Localization of MachPanel

  • Payment Groups, Credit Cards & Anti-Fraud Plug-ins Management;

  • Billing Management, Taxation and Issue Credit

Active Directory

  • To integrate an Active Directory Domain
  • Active Directory Organization and User Management
  • Active Directory Service Plans\Addons

Enterprise Modules Integration and Management articles:

 1. Exchange Integration and Management

  • To integrate Exchange in MachPanel please review the following KB article for further details:
  • How to Add Mailbox in Exchange:

  • Mailbox Management such as Email aliases, forwarding, Journaling, UM, Calendar Permissions etc

  • Adding and Managing Distribution Lists (DL's):

  • SPAMExpert integration and Management:

  2. Skype4B\Lync Integration and Management
  • Integrate Skype4B in MachPanel
  • Adding Skype Users and Service Management
  • Adding and Assigning Line URI's:

  • Skype4B Persistent Chat:

  • Response Groups in Skype4B:

  • Reporting:  How Skype4B SPLA types are categorized and how Policies are handled.

  • Skype4B Call Bundles and viewing Call Report
  • Dial Plan and Conference Dial-In handling in Skype4B (Lync) Account

 3. SharePoint Integration and Management

  • Integrate SharePoint in MachPanel
  • Service Management of SharePoint Hosting:

 4. CRM Integration and Management
  • Integrate CRM in MachPanel
  • Service Management of CRM Hosting:

 5. VPS (Hyper-V) Integration and Management

  • INFO:Integrate VPS (Hyper-V) server in MachPanel
  • INFO:Adding Subnet Pools, Virtual Networks & Sealed Images
  • GUIDE:SOP for preparation of Sealed Images for Windows Hyper-V & Linux VM
  • HOW TO:Creating Scheduled Task for OS Initialization and Modification via Config.bat
  • HOW TO: Virtual Machine and Snapshots Management

  • VM Import Utility

 6. Shared Hosting: Hostmatic & Plesk Integration
  • Integrate Web Hosting in MachPanel
  • DNS Templates and handling
  • Create a DNS forward lookup Zone
  • Integrate Simple DNS Plus

7. Office 365 \ Microsoft CSP 

Creating Customers and Resellers

  • Create a Reseller Customer in MachPanel
  • Create a Customer in MachPanel

Creation & Selling (provisioning) of Service Plans\Products\Packages

  • Creating new Service Plans \ Packages in MachPanel
  • Upgrading an existing Service Plan, resources, creating and selling Add-on
  • Please review the following KB article for selling and provisioning of services:

GUIDE: WHMCS Integration and Configuration

  • WHMCS Integration and configuration with MachPanel-v6

  • WHMCS integration in MachPanel

GUIDE: MachPanel API Specification and PHP Examples

  • MachPanel API Specification

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