HOW TO:Integrate CRM with MachPanel

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HOW TO:Integrate CRM with MachPanel


This article describes in detail about integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM (All Versions) with MachPanel Control Server.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build version 5.6 and above.


Please make sure that the CRM provisioning user is added in the local admins group on the following servers.

  1. CRM Server(s)  - Admins group
  2. ADFS Server(s) - Admins group

The following Permissions should also be in place :
  1. Account used in MachPanel for CRM provisioning is added as a deployment Admin in CRM Deployment Manager
  2. Same account is added in CRM SQL sysadmin group.
  3. Add and make sure that CRM Application Pool (Deployment Service Only) uses the same account
  4. Same account should have [dbo] permissions on “MSCRM_Config”, “ReportServer” and “ReportServerTemp” DBs


  • Open MachPanel Control Panel Website (You can do it by opening MachPanel Control Server Configuration Studio and then navigating to Configure > Control Panel Website, and then clicking on the URL in it). Log in with the provider credentials.
  • Following CRM providers are supported in MachPanel.

  • Navigate to Home >> Service Director >> CRM Hosting >> Server group and then click on Add Server Group.

  • Adding CRM Server is a two step process. In the first Server Group is added and in the second step CRM Server is added:

  • Server Group Name: This is the friendly name of the server group.
  • Provider: Select the provider you wish to add.
  • Active Directory Domain: Select the active directory whose credentials will be used while provisioning
  • LDAP URL: Provide the path of the Organizational Unit in AD under which the users will be created
  • Fill Style: Select from one of the two options
  1. Least Filled First: Setup hosting on the group member which is least filled
  2. One-by-One: Setup hosting on group members in circular manner
  • Enabled: If unchecked, system will not provision any accounts on the server group members
  • Override Domain Credentials: You can check this option and use credentials other than the one mentioned in the Active Directory Domain
Note: Dynamics 365 is available in build 5.6.30 and above and can be integrated as per following KB:

4) In the second step, CRM Server is added:

  • In Server information section provide the Reference Id and Server IP.

  • In CRM Information section provide IFD site URL, URL base, CRM Server Port, SQL Server Name and SQL Report Server URL.
  • In CRM 2011, and later, the following two fields are mandatory in IFD deployments and are optional without IFD.
  1. ADFS Server FQDN
  2. External Relying Party Display Name
  • Enabled: If unchecked, system will not provision any accounts on this server

  • Handle DNS: You can also add DNS Handling feature at server level. A-Record will be created in the required Zone

5) Now click on the newly created Server Group to enter in the CRM Servers tab. Click on 'Test Service'

6) If you get below Test Report then you have successfully integrated CRM with MachPanel:

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