HOW TO: Add Active Directory Domain in MachPanel

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HOW TO: Add Active Directory Domain in MachPanel


This article provides information about how to add Active Directory in MachPanel Control server

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MachPanel all versions


1) Open MachPanel Control Panel Website ( You can do it by opening MachPanel Control Server Configuration Studio and then navigating to Configure > Control Panel Website, and then clicking on the URL in it ). Log in with the provider credentials.

2) Navigate to Home >> Service Director>>Active Directory>>Domains. Click on Add New Domain, it will open a new page.


3) You can add more later if multiple active directory environments are to be managed.On the new page give the Active directory details like preferred domain controller, credentials for domain administrator:

  • Domain FQDN: Enter the active directory domain name, example
  • Domain NETBIOS Name: Enter domain controller’s NetBIOS name, such as machsol.
  • Domain Administrator Login: Provide here the login for the domain administrator account. It is recommended that you setup a special domain administrator account to use with Control Panel. When setting up domain administrator account, following points must be noted:
  1. Do NOT Use default Administrator account. Create a new Domain Administrator such as 'Administrator2' and set here. If you use default administrator account this may result in problems later on when you modify password of the account. You will need to change the password in the control panel as well and sync with all remote servers again, otherwise you will lose connectivity with the remote servers.
  2. Make the domain administrator;administrator2 member of Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins, Exchange Servers, Exchange Organization Administrators, Group Policy Creator Owners, Schema Admins, Exchange Trusted Sub-System group for Exchange 2010\2013\2016 and local Administrators groups.
  • LDAP URL: Please add an LDAP URL here for the OU you want to sync \ create orgainzations.
  • Generate random GUID for OU name in Active Directory:  If enabled, OU name, Address Lists name, Address book policy name will be created using a random GUID like 3B844AA8-38B4-4ABD-B8CB-41ACC34BB1C2. Applies to Exchange 2010 SP2, 2013 or later, Lync 2010 or later, SfB, CRM 2011 or later, SharePoint 2010 or later.
  • Append UPN suffix in User Logon Name: Select to append. If this setting enabled then domainName will be appended in SAM else not.

  • User Accounts options: You can set password policy for each domain such as "user must change password at next logon", password never expires etc.
  • Nested OU Structure: If you want Nested OU structure for your Organization, check following Enable option and provide details.

4) After providing all the details click on save and it will add the active directory details in MachPanel. You can verify that recently added AD is showing in Configuration Studio by terminating and restarting the configuration studio. Adding active directory details is complete now.

Note: Active Directory Domain cannot be managed alone and it is accessible to control panel via the Remote Agents.  So, next step is to integrate any of the purchased Enterprise Modules. Following are the links for Enterprise Module Integration such as Exchange, Lync/Skype4B, SharePoint, CRM etc.

  • To integrate Exchange in MachPanel please review the following KB article for further details:
  • Integrate Skype4B in MachPanel
  • Integrate SharePoint in MachPanel
  • Integrate CRM in MachPanel
  • Integrate VPS (Hyper-V) server in MachPanel
  • Integrate Web Hosting in MachPanel
  • Integrate BlackBerry in MachPanel


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