HOW TO:Creating Service Plan \Package in MachPanel

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HOW TO:Creating Service Plan \Package in MachPanel


This article provide a summary for Creating a new Service Plan \Package in MachPanel.

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This article applies to MachPanel build v4.9.21 and above


First of all, create server groups for a particular service (Shared Hosting services, Exchange services, Lync, CRM, VPS services etc.) so that it could be added in your service plan during creation.

Creation \ Adding a Product or Service Plan:

Before selling services (Shared Hosting services, Exchange services, Lync, CRM, VPS services etc.) to customers, you have to create service plans for each service.

  • To create a new service plan, navigate to the path: Home >> Service Plans or select Product under respective module to create Product\Plans.
  • Select the desired product from the list and click on Add New Product button from either Reseller Product Listing or from Customer Product Listing tab as shown in the snapshot below:

Note: Choose Reseller Product Listing tab only when you are selling service to a Subscription Based\Prepaid Reseller.

Provide Basic Information:

Fill the form under Basic Info tab by selecting Product type, Provider, Server Group, providing Product name & comments etc.
You can also restrict the use of a specific service plan by setting it as Inactive.
You can select from the drop down list other options such as prorate billing and add-ons association. After that click on Next button.

Resources allocation:

In the next step, provide resources for each Service plan. The resources are different for each service for example in Exchange Hosting Products, you have to specify all the resources such as Limits, Permissions, Mailbox Storage Settings, Folder Storage Settings, Outlook Web Access Settings, Personal Archive Settings, Other restrictions and Wireless Services.

Assigning Mailbox Templates:

Select Mailbox templates as shown below. You can review following KB article to create a new Exchange Mailbox Template:

Note: If you don't want to use templates, please leave this section empty for the Reseller Product Plans\Customer Product Plans

Defining Payment Cycles:

Select Payment Cycles and Payment Groups and click on Next button to proceed.

Setup Price for Product:

Set a price for your product plan. Click on Next button when done.


You can also upgrade\downgrade your existing product. See the following KB article for How to Upgrading a service plan, resources, creating and selling add-ons.

Associate Add-on:

You can associate add-ons in this step if any. See our KB article for How to create and provision an Add-on.

Click on Finish button to add a new product.

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