HOW TO:Service Management of Skype4B in MachPanel

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HOW TO:Service Management of Skype4B in MachPanel


This article provides a summary on Skype4B services management i.e. adding domains, allowing or blocking domains, configuring response groups, assigning phone numbers, adding chat categories and chat rooms etc.

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This article applies to MachPanel build 5.4.10 and above.


Before you can manage services of Skype4B you need to Integrate Skype4B With MachPanel Control Panel. Please review the below KB article:

Service Management of Skype4B Hosting:

You can manage hosting services for Skype4B by clicking on the Service Management link from the following path: Home » Service Director »
Skype4B Hosting » Accounts.
See the snapshot below:

Adding Domains:

You can add multiple domain to your Lync organization under Domains tab. See the snapshot below:

Adding Skype4B Users:

  • 'Advanced Search" option is introduced to minimize the filter area
  • To add a new user in Skype4B account, select Users tab. Click on Add User button. 
  • You can also "Fix Security Permissions" for Skype4B users.

See the snapshot below:

  • It is possible to have different Skype SAL, you can sell ONLY one product to a customer but you can sell multiple Add-ons to same customer. You have to create a basic product\service plan for your customer like a product which offers Pc-to Pc telephony to its users and sell it to customer. Now for users with "Standard SAL" or "Enterprise voice" telephony you have to create add-ons and then associate it to the PC-to PC service plan and provision this add-on to same customer.
  • When you create new user for Skype account you can select the desired product or an add-on in Package see below. Products shows letter P and Add-on shows letter A.
  • You can select "Line URI" also you can add "Private line" for the Skype4B user.

  • You can select "Dial Plan".
  • You can select "Voice Policy"
  • You can Enable\Disable "Voice Mail Policy".
  • You can select "Conferencing Policy" as well. Please view details on how to add Conferencing Policy

  • Dial-in Conferencing PIN can be added through MachPanel now.

Federation Settings:

You can configure Allowed Federation With and Blocked Federation With under Federation Settings tab. You can also Sync Domains from backend as shown below:

Phone Numbers:

For Each user you define phone numbers with extensions. Phone numbers can be either local or global. In Line URI, specify the telephone number of the user. Private extensions can only be dialed from within the organization.

Please review the below KB article to view more details on Adding and assigning Line URI's to users:

Managing Response Groups (Agent Groups, Queues, & Work flows):

To configure Response Groups in Lync account, select Response Group tab as shown below:

Please review the below KB article to view more details on adding Groups, Queues and Workflows:

Managing Persistent Chat:

Persistent chat feature lets you create topic-based discussion rooms that persist over time.Persistent chat rooms are where you can communicate and collaborate with a group of people who have a common area of interest.

To add Chat Categories and Chat Room, Click on the respective button and then click to add a category or a chat room. See the snapshot below:

Please review the below KB article to view more details on adding Chat Categories and Chat Room:

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