HOW TO:Virtual Machine and Snapshots Management

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HOW TO:Virtual Machine and Snapshots Management


This article provide a summary for virtual machine \network and snapshots management in MachPanel.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v5.3.10 and above


Before you can manage Virtual Machines\Network and Snapshots you need to review following KB articles:
  • Integrate VPS (Hyper-V) server in MachPanel
  • Add Subnet Pools and Virtual Networks

Add Virtusl Machine or VPS:

To add VPS to Hyper-V account, Go to the subscription list and add VPS under "VPS Server" tab as shown below:

You have to provide Virtual Machine Name, No of Virtual Processers, RAM(MB), Disk Space (Min 21 GB), No of Snapshots and password etc.

Virtual Machine and Snapshots Management

  • You can manage hosting services for hyper-v by clicking on the Service Management link from the following path: Home >> Service Director >> VPS Hosting >> VPS Accounts. See the snapshot below:

  • You can view the general settings of the VPS (Hyper-v) account such as subscription ID, account info etc. See the snapshot below for more details:

  • You can manage following machine operations under Virtual Machine Management tab:
  1. Turn Off
  2. Shut Down
  3. Hard Reset
  4. Suspend
  5. Remote Desktop
  6. Live Migration & Quick Migration (Cluster) or Move To ( Non-Cluster)
  7. Change Password

You can also change Memory, CPU Core and Snapshot limit by clicking on the Change button. Further we have also have given following option in latest build:

  1. Password change option
  2. Host name change Option
  3. Band width quota change option
  4. Showing current month band width used.

Live Migration and Quick Migration option is shown in cluster environment and Move To option is shown in non-cluster environment. When you hover on it , it will show you the servers from the same server group (except the server on which currently vps created). See the snapshots below:

Below is the job for moving VPS to another server. By clicking Run button VPS will be moved immediately.

You can also Add new disk by clicking on Add Disk button. You can also Add Public and Private IP's under Network Management section. In NIC detail we are showing:

  1. IP Pool Name of NIC
  2. NIC Disable due to band width over use.

You can also manage virtual networks i.e. can add new IP address and DNS address.

  • Under the Snapshots tab you can manage snapshots and can perform the following operations:

  1. Refresh List
  2. Take Snapshot
  3. Delete snapshot
  4. Apply snapshot

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