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INFO:CSP Module Configuration Guide for MachPanel Automation Solution

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary for CSP / Office 365 Configuration for MachPanel Control Server.

  • MachPanel Control Server Setup and Configuration.
  • Service Account Permissions and Other Configuration on Microsoft Partner Center and Microsoft Azure Portal.
  • Adding CSP Profile in MachPanel
Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build version 6.4.50 and above.

MachPanel's Microsoft CSP / Office 365 Module is the only management software that completely wipes out the complexities in Office 365 management by its unified approach. It allows you to significantly reduce your time to manage users, groups, contacts and manipulate plenty of settings via single interface. It is simple, fast and consolidated admin center that allows you to perform numerous action at a time without waiting for any previous one to be completed.
  • To enable Microsoft CSP module in MachPanel Control Server, please navigate to Path: Home » System Configuration » Built-in Modules and select “Microsoft CSP” Checkbox as checked and press “Update Configuration” button. For detail see below screenshot of the interface:


  • Once CSP module is enabled, the next step is to add a CSP Profile. Navigate to: Home » Service Director » Microsoft CSP » Microsoft CSP Profiles
  • Click on "Add CSP Profile" button.


  •  You will be asked to fill following details: 


There are three steps involved while adding CSP profile in MachPanel.

  1. Pr-Requisites and PowerShell Module Requirement
  2. Azure App Configuration for Partner Center Management
  3. Azure App Configuration for Tenant Management

After adding CSP profile you can perform Test service (Options > Test)

Also, after CSP profile configuration if you are getting below error while granting Consent to a Tenant

AADSTS650052: The app is trying to access a service '48ac35b8-9aa8-4d74-927d-1f4a14a0b239'(Skype and Teams Tenant Admin API) that your organization '500875a1-c354-4332-8968-4df59adc6253' lacks a service principal for. Contact your IT Admin to review the configuration of your service subscriptions or consent to the application in order to create the required service principal.

Then please refer below KB article:

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