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INFO:MachPanel Basics – Information, Installation, Customization and Configuration

Mudesira Munir

01. MachSol Customer portal Management

02. MachPanel SQL High availability / load balanced setup

03. MachPanel Control Server Installation

    03. a) Installation Guide for SQL Server 2017

         03 .a). i . Reset SA password in SQL Server for MachPanel Database

         03 .a). ii. Recovery Modes and the performance Matrix for SQL Server Database

         03 .a). iii. Move MachPanel SQL Database to another New SQL Server

    03. b) Installation Guide for SQL Server 2019

    03. c) Load Balanced Deployment of MachPanel

04. MachPanel Remote Server Installation

05. MachPanel Configuration Studio and Remote configuration Studio

06. MachPanel Control Server Update to latest version

07. MachPanel Remote Server Update to latest version

08. Private labeling and branding MachPanel System

    08. a) Binding SSL Certificate on MachPanel Website

09. Add Custom Dashboard Tiles in MachPanel

    09. a) Add Custom URL in MachPanel

10. Customize Email Templates and Email Delivery Management

11. Configure Alerts in MachPanel

12. Add Notification In MachPanel

13. Setting Password Policy in MachPanel

14. Customize Order Forms/ E-Commerce

15. Enable/Disable Resellers and Reseller Agreement Terms

16. Create a Reseller Customer in MachPanel

    16. a) Create a Commission Based Reseller

    16. b) Convert to Reseller, Move Customer and Move Subscription

17. Create a Customer in MachPanel

    17. a) Import Bulk customer in MachPanel

    17. b) Create Contact for Customer and Assign Access Templates

    17. c) Place order from Store for a Customer

18. Payment Groups, Credit Cards & Anti-Fraud Plug-ins Management

19. Documents for billing in MachPanel

20. Billing Management, Taxation and Issue Credit

    20. a) Avalara Integration/Configuration

21. MachPanel SEPA Flow and Direct Debit

22. Configure Mimecast in MachPanel

23. Add Staff Users and Staff roles in MachPanel

24. Add Sub reseller in Provider/Reseller Panel

25. Authenticate Active Directory user (Staff, Customer and Contact).

26. Configure MachPanel Helpdesk

27. Configure 3rd party authentication in MachPanel

28. Configure Two factor Authentication in MachPanel

29. Configure Password less Authentication in MachPanel

30. Configure MachPanel KeyCloak SSO Authentication in MachPanel

31. Access Control List (IP Addresses) & Session Management

32. Login with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)

33. MailChimp Integration in Machpanel

34. Guide for Integration & Configuration of Web Hosting/Shared Hosting

35. Guide for Integration & Configuration of Active Directory

36. Guide for Integration & Configuration of Exchange Server

37. Guide for Integration & Configuration of VPS (Hyper-V)

38. Guide for Integration & Configuration of CSP

39. Installation and Configuration of ADSync

40. WHMCS Integration in MachPanel

41. Developers Manual for Integrating MachPanel API- SOAP API

42. MachPanel REST API Configuration

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