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INFO:Setting Password Policy in MachPanel

Zohaib Shaikh


This article describes how to set up Password Policy in MachPanel for Staff Users as well as throughout the control panel for all password fields like Mailbox or any type of user creation.

Applies To

MachPanel Version 5.2.10 HF2 and above.


The provider can set up Password Policy in MachPanel to match their Active Directory Password policy so that the password complies with back-end policy before actually attempting to process a request to set password.

We have implemented password policy for staff users set by Provider as default rules to follow for Active Directory User password in Enterprise modules.

The errors generated due to weak password input while creating Mailbox, SharePoint, Lync etc. in job processing can be avoided by setting a matching policy for password in AD and Password Policy for Staff user in Provider settings.

MachPanel will give error if password does not meet requirement before adding single or bulk user/mailbox.

Sample Scenario:

If we set up Password Policy as follows:

Following or similar passwords will fail with error shown below:
  • passwordabcdefgh
  • password91113156
  • PASSWORD91113156
  • Password91113156

Following password or similar (that meet the specified policy) will be accepted and user will be accepted for provisioning:
  • P@ssw0rd91113156

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