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INFO:Binding SSL-Certificate on the IIS Website

Mudesira Munir


This article provide a summary for binding SSL Certificate on the IIS Website.

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This article applies to all versions of MachPanel

  • Now Launch MachPanel Configuration Studio 
    Navigate to Configure >> Control Panel Website
  1. Specify TCP Port 443
  2. Check SSL checkbox
  3. Click Update setting

 Bind SSL Certificate on the IIS Website:

  • First of all import the certificate in IIS on your MachPanel control server.
  • Navigate to Sites section
  1. Select MachPanel Control Server click on SSL Settings
  2. Click on Bindings link from Actions pane

  • Click on Add button on Site Bindings
  1. Import certificate.
  2. Select certificate
  3. Select type https, port no 443 
  4. Host name can also be specified
  5. Click OK
    Binding will be shown like this once done
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