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This article provides the information regarding customer access\support portals available for MachSol.

MachSol Customer Portal
MachSol Customer Portal provides quick links to various user related operations like Account details, customization options, details regarding the products being purchased and license details as well. Information related to purchase of paid services quick links to support, FAQs, product knowledge-base and MachSol blog.

Support Portal​
MachSol Support Portal is an online support platform where you can place a new problem ticket related to MachPanel and also check the status of the existing ones. You can sign in to the support portal by first registering it as a customer and then you will be able to place a ticket or check the progress/status of already placed tickets.

Support portal can be accessed through

/Registration of Support Portal:

Knowledgebase Portal
The MachPanel knowledgebase portal is the prime platform to learn and understand the MachPanel and its broad ranged functionality. There are KB articles/guides having details for each step to be performed in sequence are present for installation, configuration and for management purpose for each module present in MachPanel. Along with that you can also search for a particular problem you face and related article will be shown in case of a known problem, else you will have to contact MachSol support.

You can also access FAQs from KB portal.

Account Registration for Customer Portal:
In order to create an Account on MachSol portal, please click on Login button after accessing and click on Register Now in case of a new user to create your account as shown below:

Note: You will have to provide registered email ID with MachSol in the username field while login to customer portal.

As soon as you are logged in after creating an account, a dashboard will appear on the screen through which you can explore various options inside the customer portal. The customer portal is categorized in four basic sections i.e. Accounts, Products, Shop & Help.

   1. Accounts: In the accounts section you can customize account details, change password, add contacts, and send a request for account closure as well:
  • Edit Profile:

  • Add \ Remove Contacts:

  • Change Password of your account:

  • Account Removal/Closure:

You can send account removal request in case if you want to end your subscription and account with MachPanel. Please click on account closure and an alert will pop up:

If you click OK, then you will have to state the reason for account removal and you will have to enter the pass-code you received in email to submit the cancellation request.

   2. Products:  In the Products section you can details regarding your orders, pending invoices, the information about your licenses (Installation ID, remaining/used licenses) and you will also be able to download the latest installers of the products through Downloads button.

  • Download link of installers:


  • License Information:


   3. Shop: In the Shop section you can buy professional services related to support, details regarding paid POC and MachSol EULA.

  • Paid Professional Services:

  • Paid POC Installation details:

   4. Help: Under the Help section you will be able to access the quick links to Support Portal for placing a problem ticket to MachSol Support, KB portal link, FAQs and link to MachSol Blog as well.

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