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HOW TO:Configure Mimecast in MachPanel

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary for Mimecast configuration and management from MachPanel interface.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v6.0.20 HF1 or later.

Mimecast Configuration

  • Mimecast is only available to provider. By Default, this module will be unchecked.
  • To enable Mimecast navigate to following path: Home > System Configuration > Built-in Modules

To manage Mimecast accounts via MachPanel navigate to Path: Home > Service Director > Mimecast. There are 2 sub menus in Mimecast menu.
    1. API Settings
    2. Accounts
      1. API Settings:
      1. Here provider needs to provide API settings information obtained from Mimecast under tab MimeCast API Settings
      2. API setting in only available to provider super admin users.

      Technical Contact:

        There is a Technical Contact tab in Mimecast API setting interface. In technical contacts provider can add contacts which he can use further in creating mimecast accounts. A mimecast account creation form needs a technical contact, which is filled through these technical contacts.

        2. Accounts:

        There is a Mimecast account listing interface which will list all the accounts created through MachPanel Mimecast account creation interface.

        • Click Create Account to create a new Mimecast account. If you get any error, review this:
        • Provider can also Edit and Delete accounts from Options column.
        • There is an Export option for accounts as well, and provider can export a list of accounts to Excel file.

        • Account will be created on mimecast and will also be saved in DB. When an account is created successfully on Mimecast, AccountCode is returned from Mimecast.
        • During account creation, you need to give profile information. You can assign products of mimecast to account and need to assign a technical contact and also can provide umbrella accounts.

        • Select Products and umberlla accounts.

        • Select technical contact and Save configuration.

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