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INFO:Guide for Domain Name & Shared Hosting/WebHosting/Hostmatic

Mudesira Munir

01: How to Configure Domain Registrars (Enom)?

02: a). How to Configure Payment Gateways (PayPal Express)/set up billing currency?

      b). How to integrate Paystack as Payment Gateway?

      c). SEPA & PayiBAN account settings and SEPA Flow including Payment gateway configuration, e-Mandates and Direct Debit.

      d). How to Enable Zarin Pal as Payment Gateway?

      e). How to Enable Authorize.Net CIM as Payment Gateway?

      f). How to Intrgreate Rabo-Omnikassa as Payment Gateway?

03: How to Create new TLD/Domain Name Products?

04: How to Add/Setup Names Server, Handle DNS records and Manage DNS Zones?

05: How to Create/Set parking pages, suspend pages, quota settings?

06: How to Create/Set DNS Templates?

07: How to Integrate Plesk Server Group?

08: How to Integrating Shared Hosting/Hotmatice/Web Hosting Server Group?

09: How to Add Services to Shared/Web Hosting?

10: How to Integrate Simple DNS Plus with MachPanel?

11: How to enable/disable Temporary URL in IIS (Web hosting)?

12: How to Sell and Manage Domain Name (TLD) Products?

    12: a). Steps to enable/disable Domain Verification

13: How to Create Shared Hosting Service plan/packages? 

14: How to Sell Web/Shared Hosting Product?

15: a). Shared Hosting Subscription Management - Web Hosting

    15.b). How to manage Shared Hosting Subscriptions - Mail only.

    15.c). How to manage Shared Hosting Subscriptions - Database only.

    15.d). How to manage Shared Hosting Subscriptions - DNS only.

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