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HOW TO:Customize Order Forms



This article provide a summary how to create\customize an order form via MachPanel .

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel v5.6.44 and above

Create a new Order Form

  • Navigate to the following path: Home » System Configuration » Store Configuration

  • Enable email verification for new customer registration: If this checkbox is checked, new customer will have to verify via email before using online store as explained below

Click New Order Form button, this is how it will look like

  • Provide name of Store, Payment Groups, Domain option, Store title etc.
  • Provide Continue Shopping URL and Terms URL.

You can Add Header and footer for your order forms as shown below:

  • Select "Service Plans\Package(s)" for your services.

    After Selecting Packages and providing all the details click Save and it will save the order form, you will be shown a success message like this

    and added online store (order form) will be shown listed as shown above.
  • Click on Launch Store button to verify the order form

  • Click on "Login" button
    There you will be shown option to login or register

  • Clicking "Register Now" will take you to Registration form which looks like

  • Once all information is specified and "Create Account" button is clicked, you will be taken to verification step as checkbox Enable email verification for new customer registration is checked

    After specifying code received via email, newly register customer will be able to log into Store to proceed shopping.

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