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HOW TO:Commission Based Reseller

Mudesira Munir


This article provides a summary for commission based resellers.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel build v6 and above.
Commission Based Reseller Management

Commission Based Reseller is a reseller having ability to resell Service Plan(s)/Add-on(s) with Commission (profit) and Markup from Provider and Customer (Subscriber) respectively on per subscription basis.

Enable Commission Based Reseller:

  1. Navigate to the following path: Home >> System Configuration >> Reseller Settings
  2. Check the Commission based reseller.
  3. Click on Update Configuration.


How to create Commission Based Resellers?

  • To create a commission based reseller, navigate to the path: Home >> Customer Manager >> Reseller Customers
  • Click on New Reseller as shown in the snapshot below:

  • Form “Type” Select Commission reseller, provide rest of fields and then click on Add Reseller button.

How to create Service Plan\Packages for Commission Resellers?

In MachPanel, basically there are two levels of Service Plan Settings for a Reseller customer.

  • At Provider Level: The Package(s)/Service Plan(s) for Commission based Reseller(s) is\are defined by Provider while creating Customer Products. Under Customer Products Listing tab, there are some additional settings to be made for Commission based Reseller at Step One (Basic info).
  1. Enable the Package for Commission based Reseller.
  2. Define Commission for Reseller.
  3. Select available commission based resellers for the Service Plan\Package.

  • At Reseller Level: Reseller can change\edit Product name and set his Markup. See the snapshot below:3

  • Reseller can only view the Detail of the package:

How to Sell Services under this method to Resellers?

Selling of Service Plan to customer's flow is same, however there is commission and markup calculation at RCC Level. See the snapshot for more details:

How Commissions are tracked and managed?

In order to track and manage commissions at PCC, navigate to the path : Home >> Customer Manager >> Reseller commission summary. Here MachPanel shows the summary total sales of Commission base Reseller of Each Payment currency separately.

To check further details, Click any reseller/ID. It shows the income against each invoice with its Status for e.g. pending etc. We also can see details of Bonus, deduction, payment.

Similarly, to track and manage commissions at RCC, navigate to the path: Home >> DashBoard
We also can see detail of Bonus, deduction, payment.

New Commission Transaction:

You can also perform New Commission Transaction i.e. payment/deduction/bonus for Commission based Reseller:

Navigate to the path: Home » Customer Manager >> Reseller Customers >> Reseller commission summary. Click on New Commission Transaction.
You can select Reseller, Transaction type i.e. Deduction, Payment, Bonus with respective payment group from dropdown. See the snapshot below for further details: 


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