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HOW TO:How to set Website address for MachPanel or to Private Label MachPanel

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This article helps you to set Website Address for Machpanel or to private label the MachPanel according to your needs. Private Labeling is to change the look and feel of product. Private labeling lets you add your own company logo, change company name and re-brand MachPanel.

Applies To

MachPanel version 7.2.20 and above


Once your control panel is installed and licenses have been activated, you can now change the control panel address from http://localhost:786 to any address of your choice. Also this articles shows you how to change basic look and feel of your control panel and re-brand it. Please follow the steps below:

How to set Website address to MachPanel control panel?

Step 1:

  1. Setup of a web address by adding your desired entry in DNS and pointing it to your control panel server.
  2. Log on to the Windows Server where MachPanel Control Server is installed.
  3. There will be two shortcut icons on the desktop, namely MachPanel - Control Server and Configuration Studio.
  4. Double click on Configuration Studio shortcut icon to open MachPanel Configuration Studio.
  5. Navigate to: Configure >> Control Panel Website. See the snapshot below:

  • Enter the control panel external URL which you want to use for accessing the control panel under Host Header Name:
  • Click on Update Setting button to save settings.
  • Once DNS for your control panel URL have replicated and are pointing to your control panel server the web address will work.

Click here to add more addresses for your resellers.

Step 2:
  • Navigate to: Home » System Configuration » Company Profile
  • Click on Personalization tab and replace following fields with your company related information. See the snapshot below:
  • Personalization is now divided into 4 sections:
  • Control Panel Settings

  • Login Page Settings

  • Customer Settings

  • Other Settings

Click HERE for more details on customization and localization.

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