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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v6.4.22 Release Notes (23 December, 2020)

Rehan Waseem

  1. Important Prerequisites/Upgrade Instructions

  2. Improvements/New Features

  3. Resolved/Fixed Issues

1. Important Prerequisites

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel

  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

2. Improvements / New Features
  • General (MachPanel, AD, ADSync, Billing, Store, WHMCS):
  • Exchange:
  • Office 356/CSP:
  • Enhancement: O365 Add-ons selling with Offers in online store. Buy Addon button is shown in Online store along with Package Offers if add-ons are associated with the relevant package.
  • Enhancement: Add-on handling for Direct routing calling plan
  • Enhancement: Audit Logging for Teams direct routing Management
  • Enhancement: Sync from backend for Phone numbers
  • VPS/Hyper-v:​
  • Webhosting/Hostmatic:

3. Resolved / Fixed Issues

  • General (Machpanel, Billing, Ad, Adsync):
  • Fixed: Monthly scheduled reports aren't being sent
  • Fixed: Pending Domain Verification is being used for Contact and PF
  • Fixed: User mapping getting hanged for longer than normal
  • Fixed: 2FA isn't getting disabled on disabling globally
  • Fixed: CSP Password generation available for locked user(Adsync Enabled)
  • Fixed: Email templates configuration changes performed by reselller are being applied at PCC as well
  • Fixed: Fixed enabling domain verification without existing domains checked, enables domain verification for old domains
  • Fixed: Separate AD Login page added, do update web.config as well
  • Fixed: Certain pages of panel stop working if control server Internet is blocked
  • Fixed: "Allow PST Export" is not retaining value in access permission
  • Fixed: German translation updated
  • Fixed: CSS updated for avoiding capitalization of text on Login and Forgot password page
  • Fixed: German characters issue in meeting organizer reply
  • Fixed: Instructions published here to protect Control Panel website from ClickJacking for Vulnerability in auto-login via API.
  • Exchange:
  • Fixed: Remove mailbox and AD User link is hidden
  • Fixed: As a Reseller/End customer I am able to see irrelevant records in subscription report
  • Fixed: Issue in export Distribution Lists Member Report
  • Fixed: Compliance not visible under Exchange Organization Management
  • Fixed: Email template edit problem fixed where reseller setting was overriding other resellers
  • Fixed: Exchange Subscription report shows other customers data
  • Fixed: Issue in Resource Mailbox Booking duration
  • Fixed: Alternative email address isn’t getting added as alias
  • Fixed: Mailbox Template Search Field focus was set on add button
  • Office 365/CSP:
  • Fixed: Alias null error creating linked Hosted user CSP mailbox
  • Fixed: Error in CSP import due to domain
  • Fixed: Error in CSP import due to tenant domain and initial domain mis-match fixed
  • Fixed: Import subscription to CSP tenant issue of invalid date error due to azure offer commitment end date is fixed
  • Fixed: Issue of CSP/O365 adding new addon offer to existing subscription due to wrong billing cycle set for addon in API request
  • Fixed: O365 resource mailbox features issue
  • Fixed: CSP Generate password button not disabled when ADSync enabled
  • Fixed: Info message 'User editing is disabled due to ADSyc' added for CSP
  • Fixed: CSP Resource mailbox quota and features issues
  • Fixed: Resource users are listing in Teams section without E1 and E3 license as well
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