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HOW TO:Customization and Localization of MachPanel



This article describes how to customize and localize MachPanel.

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This article applies to all versions of MachPanel
Company Profile:
Customization of MachPanel includes Personalization, Localization, API Settings, Terms & Conditions, Menu Setting, Skin (color) changes Search Menus & Email Templates etc.

Company profile settings are used in all the documents where company information is displayed. For example, Invoice document, Payment document, customer control center etc.

Navigate to the following path: Home >> System Configuration >> Company Profile

  1. You can display\append Legal information or Disclaimer in all email\invoice templates, add variables if Append disclaimer in emails check box is enabled
  2. You can set a default Mailbox Template for your company as shown in the snapshot below:


Locale selection is an important aspect of the Control Panel. MachPanel Control Panel offers you to select Locale and language under Culture tab. Languages that can be set as default are English (United States), Spanish (Uruguay), Dutch, Portuguese, and German etc..


The Personalization tab lets you personalize your control panel. It’s include control panel name, company name, company website URL, logo etc. Purchase More link is configurable and providers/resellers can provide external link in a field available under Personalization tab in company settings interface.

  • Personalization is now divided into 4 sections:
  • Control Panel Settings

    • Login Page Settings

      • Customer Settings

        • Other Settings

        URL to purchase more resources direct from the management interfaces where the existing resources reach their limit:

        1. If the configurable field is left blank, MachPanel will redirect to the offline order form and if any associated Addon is available for sale, it will get selected to be sold.
        2. The functionality will be available on both client and provider/reseller side with extra permission for client to be able to purchase via offline order form. If external link is provided, it will be available without any permission from client side also.
        3. Functionality is implemented in Exchange, SharePoint, CRM, Skype4B and Hyper-V 

        Please review following KB article for Private Labeling (customize company website URL on different ports) of MachPanel:

        Please review following KB article for White labeling of Reseller\Customers in MachPanel:
        API Settings:

        You can set the user credentials and enable\disable status for the API.

        Terms & Conditions:

        Add terms and condition for your Control Panel


        Add Skins for your Control Panel.

        • Allow Resellers to change Skin Settings
        • Allow Customer to set Skin
        • Allow Employee to set Skin

        You can also Add Custom Skin


        Schedule Usage Reports:

        You can add a new schedule for usage reports by clicking on Add New Schedule button; Please see more details on KB given below:

        Menu settings:

        The Menu settings and Skin (color) change of MachPanel;

        You can add a new node to your control panel menu and can modify the existing – custom added mode.

        Please review following KB article for more details:

        To change a Skin, you have to select the desired color from the upper right corner of the Control panel web interface. See the snapshot below:

        Search Menus:

        Searchable menu in PCC\CCC.

        Hide \ UnHide Modules:

        As part of MachPanel customization, you can hide unwanted built in modules like Billing Module, HelpDesk Module etc from control panel. To do so, navigate to Home >> System  Configuration >> Built in Modules:

        Uncheck the items which you want to hide\unhide and click on Update Configuration button. The hidden modules will be not visible in control panel.

        Managing Email Templates in Control Panel:

        The flow of handy and well managed information among different involved entities in a business is the primary goal to be achieved. As this plays a very significant role in each business operation, one of such managed piece of information could be in the form of an email or a draft, which can be your business identity for a product or any other important document. Thus, Control Panel provides you different email templates which you can modify according to your needs and trends with ease and flexibility to interact with your customers for billing issues or any other concerns.

        Please review following Kb article on Customizing and Handling email templates:

        Enable MailChimp

        You can also enable MailChimp in MachPanel in latest build

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