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HOW TO:4th level interface for Active Directory User to change password.

Mudesira Munir


This article provides information about 4th level interface added for Active Directory Users. It explains how to access/login to the interface and change password.

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Applies to MachPanel v7 and onwards.

Any Active Directory User created under MachPanel will get details about accessing the interface to login and change the Password via Email when their account is created.

Below is an example of email generated when a CRM user is created via MachPanel:

You have been invited to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM online service for the organization

Role assigned: System Customizer    
Your account is now ready for use.

To start using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, please visit and sign-in using following information.  

name:  
Password:      MyNewP@ssw0rd

You can view your user profile by logging-in to the following URL:
Thank you,   
Date: 5/22/2012 7:32:02 AM 

  • Check Login as End user at Login screen of MachPanel as shown below:

Now user can login to change password using credentials, Use Primary Email to access 4rth level user interface other wise you will face error:

Authentication Failed Couldn't find active account with provided user name

There are two options for password.
  1. Change Password
  2. Enrollment

Click change password to set new password and update.

For Password Recovery you have Enrollment options which can be set under Organization Setting as shown below:

Under Enrollment menu you can set Enrollment option of Password Recovery for 4th level AD user

By login as 4th Level AD User you can Click Enrollment for Password Recovery

  1. Send secret code in email
  2. Secret question

You can use Forgot Password option for End\4rth level user.

If you have selected "Send secret code in email" then you will see this interface

If you have selected "Send secret code in SMS to mobile number" then you will see this interface

If you have selected "Send question" then you will see this interface

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