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HOW TO:Handling DNS Records and Managing DNS zones

Zohaib Shaikh


This article provides information about configuration of DNS Record, Names Server and DNS Zones management.

Applies To

MachPanel Version V.4.2.24 and Onwards


For automatic handling of DNS for Exchange and SharePoint you have to create appropriate DNS Templates for each service. For this navigate to Home >> Service Director >> DNS Manager >> DNS Template and then click on 'Add DNS Template':

Enter the 'Template Title' and fill in the required fields i.e records name, type, priority and hostname:

Now the DNS Templates have been created, the only remaining task is to assign the templates to appropriate servers.
Names Server

You can add Names Server Groups.

 Provide NS IP addresses.

Managing DNS Zones and SOA Records

You can Import DNS Zones, Add bulk DNS Zones, Bulk delete DNS Zones and Bulk Edit.

Click DNS Import Zone.

Select server, owner & customer and click Get DNS Zone.


Import Bulk DNS Zones:

You can import DNS zones in bulk by providing csv file.

Bulk Delete DNS zones:

You can bulk delete DNS zones by providing csv file.

DNS Record

Under DNS Record, you can Edit & remove DNS zones.

Create new DNS Records by clicking on Add DNS record.


Select DNS record type.

SOA Record

You can also update an SOA record for a DNS zone.

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