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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v7.0.50 Release Notes (December 8, 2022)

Mudesira Munir

  1. Important Prerequisites/Upgrade Instructions
  2. Important Note
  3. Improvements/New Features
  4. Resolved/Fix Issues
1. Important Prerequisites

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel Control Server
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server
    2. Important Note

    If you are using Microsoft CSP, You must need to reconfigure the CSP profile using below KB article:

    Also, after CSP profile configuration if you are getting below error while granting Consent to a Tenant

    AADSTS650052: The app is trying to access a service '48ac35b8-9aa8-4d74-927d-1f4a14a0b239'(Skype and Teams Tenant Admin API) that your organization '500875a1-c354-4332-8968-4df59adc6253' lacks a service principal for. Contact your IT Admin to review the configuration of your service subscriptions or consent to the application in order to create the required service principal.

    Then please refer below KB article:

    If you are using MachPanel Rest API, please follow link below to update to latest version of Rest API:

    3. Improvements/New Features
    • General (MachPanel, AD, ADSync, Billing, Store, WHMCS, Helpdesk):
    • Enhancement: HTML and CSS changes are made to improve look and feel.
    • Enhancement: Update Encrypt/Decrypt to use AES replacing TripleDES
    • Enhancement: Add Button of Cancelation of All Failed job in Group Actions Logs.
    • Enhancement: Updated End Customer Subscription Interface
    • Enhancement: Change name for "Group Actions" in Tab of All modules (Exchange, Skype, SharePoint, CSP, AD)
    • Enhancement: Mailbox Recovery Module Enhancement
    • Microsoft Exchange:
    • Enhancement: Create Mail Enable User via MachPanel
    • Enhancement: Exchange Group Operation Layout (As of CSP)
    • Enhancement: Improved Exchange Mangement interfaces rendering speed
    • Enhancement: Handling added for setting RemotePowerShellEnabled=False for new mailbox created.
    • Enhancement: Handling added for setting RemotePowerShellEnabled=False for existing mailboxes in Fix Security Group.

    • Microsoft CSP/Office365:
    • Microsoft VPS (Hyper-V):
    • Enhancement: Customer Name in VM name in case of single VM Plan
    • Enhancement: VM Management Tab should be changed to "Management " and design Changes
    • Enhancement: Hyper-V VM generation handling
    • Enhancement: Hyper-V provisioning speed improved.
    • Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync:
    • Enhancement: Skype for Business Group operation layout (As of CSP)

    • Microsoft SharePoint:
    • Enhancement: Sharepoint Group Operation layout (As of CSP)

    4. Resolved / Fixed Issues
    • General (MachPanel, AD, ADSync, Billing, Store, WHMCS, Helpdesk):
    • Fixed Issue: Error in ADUser profile update due to profile picture processing.
    • Fixed Issue: Prov Svc could not start at Remote Config Studio on Remote server(s).
    • Microsoft Exchange:
    • Fixed Issue: "checkbox: Message copy for Send on Behalf enabled" was being shown on User mailbox's permission interface
    • Fixed Issue: Mailbox conversion buttons were missing in Mailbox Manager
    • Fixed Issue: Yellow color is not showing in Mailbox usage graph
    • Fixed Issue: Alias already in user when change User Name
    • Fixed Issue: Fix Security permission alert text update
    • Fixed Issue: Cannot find columne Email Address in Journaling list sorting on Send email to.
    • Fixed Issue: Error where setting TimeZone for a mailbox was not getting correctly assigned.
    • Fixed Issue: Error in setting Distribution Group Send On Behalf Permissions.

    • Microsoft CSP/Office365:
    • Fixed Issue: CSP subscription licenses quantity Bug
    • Fixed Issue: CSP Mail Contact tab issue

    • Microsoft Hyper-V:
    • Fixed Issue: VM management option from Subscription > VM listing is disabled during VM create job processing.
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