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HOW TO:Add Sealed, ISO images, OS Licenses & Storage types in Setup for Hyper-V

Mudesira Munir


This article provide a summary how to add Sealed and ISO images, OS licenses, Quota settings, storage types, VNIC bandwidth tier in Hyper-V setup.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v6 and above


First of all integrate VPS(Hyper -V)server, details for integrating VPS are given on the following KB article:

Configure Setup in MachPanel Hyper-V automation Module

Navigate to following path to view SetupHome > Service Director > VPS Hosting > Setup. In Setup of Hyper-V automation Module you can configure following:

  1. Sealed Images
  2. Quota Settings
  3. OS Licenses 
  4. Storage Type
  5. VNIC Bandwidth tiers
  6. RDP Custom Ports
  7. Guarded Fabric
Sealed Images:
  1. SOP for preparation of Windows Sealed Images for Hyper-V (Hosted VPS)
  2. SOP for preparation of Centos (Linux) & Ubuntu Sealed Images for Hyper-V

Under Sealed Images tab, To add a new image click on Add Sealed Image button.

  1. Image Name: Provide image title.
  2. Image path: Provide the path of the image.
  3. VM Generation: Select generation of image.
  4. Sealed Image Type: Select the type of the sealed image Windows\ Linux.
  5. Operating System: Select operating system from the dropdown.
  6. Apply Windows Product Key: Check box to apply key.
  7. Delay for OS initialization after 1st boot: Add “VMOSSetupWait” string value in registry path “SOFTWARE\MachSol\Remote Configuration Studio” for all remote servers. Set the value 3, 5 or greater as per their need. By default we delay for 3 minutes.

Click on Save button when done.

Quota Settings:

To configure quota select Quota Settings tab: