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ERRMSG:Microsoft Skype and Teams Admin API Lacks Service Principal

Rehan Waseem


This article provides fix for the error "Microsoft Skype and Teams Admin API Lacks Service Principal" while granting consent to a Tenant in MachPanel.

Applies to:

This article applies to MachPanel Build Version v7.

Error Message:

AADSTS650052: The app is trying to access a service '48ac35b8-9aa8-4d74-927d-1f4a14a0b239'(Skype and Teams Tenant Admin API) that your organization '500875a1-c354-4332-8968-4df59adc6253' lacks a service principal for. Contact your IT Admin to review the configuration of your service subscriptions or consent to the application in order to create the required service principal.


Microsoft Skype and Teams Admin API is not available by default in newly created tenant. We need to add service principal for API manually in the tenant.


Please run below command in Microsoft Graph Powershell using Tenant Admin credentials to add missing service principal in tenant and then try again.

Make sure that the latest Microsoft.Graph module is installed on your device before executing the below commands,

  • To install Microsoft.Graph Module
    • Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Graph -RequiredVersion 1.10.0 -Force

Once Microsoft.Graph module is installed then execute following command.

Connect-Graph -Scopes "Application.ReadWrite.All"

$ServicePrincipalID=@{"AppId" = "48ac35b8-9aa8-4d74-927d-1f4a14a0b239"}

New-MgServicePrincipal -BodyParameter $ServicePrincipalId

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