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RELNOTES:MachPanel Build v6.1.30 Release Notes (May 24, 2019)

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  1. Important Prerequisites

  2. Upgrade Instructions

  3. Major Enhancements

  4. Improvements\New Features

  5. Resolved\Fixed Issues

  6. Known Issues

1. Important Prerequisites

  1. MachPanel Control Server 6.0.38 or earlier

  2. MachPanel Remote Server 6.0.38 or earlier

NOTE: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 is mandatory and must be installed. This is not the same as .Net 4.5 under windows in features. This version of the .NET Framework runs side-by-side with the .NETFramework 3.5 SP1 and earlier versions, but performs an in-place update for the .NET Framework 4, .NET Framework 4.5 and .NET Framework 4.5.1.

Please download and install from link below:

2. Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel

  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

3. Major Enhancements

4. Improvements \ New Features
  • General

  • Added validation checks in workflow to avoid errors.

  • Added Google Authenticator for 2 Factor authentications. See details:

  • Added ‘Do not send to customer’ setting on email template group level. See details:

  • Similar add-ons are merged in recurring billing to reduce line items in invoice and improving performance of quota SP’s.

  • Added SEPA profile generation for Netherlands using (PayIBAN) and manual payment processing.

  • Implemented SEPA mandates and payments handling. See details in following KB:

  • Online Store is made available when Payment using 3rd party is enabled.

  • Added functionality to return tax when issuing system generated credits.

  • Added option to cancel credit.

  • Changed order of Year and Month inputs in credit card add/edit.

  • Implemented update expiry date of PCI Compliance payment profiles or credit cards.

  • Updated Credit card Declined\Expiry email body.

  • Added Searchable menu in PCC\CCC.

  • Added Login page customization using file upload.

  • Allowed Super Admin Role to perform management of IP Lock Down and Payment gateways operations that the 1st default Admin of a company can do.

  • Tickets & Domain name summary are hidden from Reseller profile when modules are disabled.

  • Implemented, payment profile personal data update for supported PCI Compliance payment gateways.

  • If MachPanel_Db password will be changed from configuration studio it will be saved encrypted. Default password will be un-encrypted at the time of installation until changed from configuration studio.

  • In Configuration Studio and Remote Configuration Studio, Software Updates form, new tab “Manual Update” in included, to apply any file directly as an update.

  • Implemented check to bypass 3rd party authentication for Provider’s admin employee or employee with super admin role, if login attempt is from localhost.

  • Implemented, show transaction log of last attempt on payment at customer control panel.

  • Updated Client side Pay page to show Transaction details on page after processing.

  • Implemented missing access template and password policy checks on panel password reset for end customer and its contacts.

  • In online store redirected the user to store home page on successful order placement and shown a link to login to panel, "login to panel". On clicking, it will open panel login page of related company (if reseller online store, it will open Resellers Login Page).

  • On each update of MachPanel, already logged-in users will have to re-login to avoid errors due to update.

  • Exchange

  • Added append\prepend option in add\edit disclaimer.

  • Added mobile attribute to mailbox usage report.

  • Improved Exchange subscription management interfaces performance.

  • Added option to create email alias using Last Name in Exchange Mailbox Group Actions.

  • Added option to allow creating Customer and Exchange Subscription in WHMCS Import without creating OU for Exchange.

  • Added booking options modification for Equipment mailboxes in Mailbox Group Operations.

  • Implemented a check box under “Booking Options” with title, “Show subject Name, instead of organizer name” in room mailbox create/manage interface

  • Implemented Exchange RBAC role group management.

  • Implemented Advanced Exchange Database Management to support database administrative operations e.g. copy, activate, update, suspend, resume, mount, dis-mount and remove.

  • Average Mailbox size, Current Number of Mailboxes and Mailbox max limit are displayed in Exchange database listing

  • Implemented exchange distribution list group actions, to perform DL operations in bulk.

  • Allowed Posting to internal users under add/edit Public Folders.

  • Added following details in exchange organization usage report.

  1. Number of User\Linked Mailboxes

  2. Number of Resource Mailboxes

  3. Number of Shared Mailboxes

  • Office 365 \ CSP

  • Added support for using Azure email address for panel authentication & recipient email address.

  • Added Azure Login for contacts of end customer

  • Added SharePoint support in O365 Tenant Management.

  • Implemented Send Authorization link to CSP tenant admin in CSP management for Provider to invite existing Tenants in tenants listing interface.

  • Added new report “Monthly Reseller Report” under CSP, provider can check reseller monthly usage of CSP offers, for selected month and year.

  • Added functionality to import tenants without licenses.

  • Added functionality to subscribe trial offers.  

  • Added functionality to convert trial offers to billing offers.

  • Added option to change CSP subscription package and billing cycle.

  • Enhanced CSP module to return a subscription full amount as credit if cancelled within 30 days.

  • Added functionality to import subscriptions\offers to existing tenant from backend.

  • Added functionality to move CSP\O365 service between two customers.

  • Added functionality to get Microsoft agreement accepted for tenant by end user at the time of order.

  • Added functionality to accept and update Microsoft agreement and contact details for existing tenant.

  • Added functionality to allow/disallow management of a tenant via panel in product and management.

  • Updated CSP product pricing step, cost price is not copied in sale price automatically on blur but on change.

  • Update Defer bill for customer, removed Round to 2 in Per day bill calculation and updated date handling to avoid 1 day offset problem.

  • Update functionality for O365 Reseller usage based bill handling and O365 defer bill handling. Round to 2 digits skipped in per day bill calculation.

  • Updated CSP order form to add phone country code in phone number field from client profile.

  • Added Tenant import batch limit user input to handle the page responsiveness problem in case of importing tenants in large numbers.

  • Added friendly error message instead of the Regex expression in O365 Tenant Add, O365 Tenant and billing profile edit.

  • Skype for Business
  • Added common domain for all subscriptions in SFB module Server Group.

  • SFB add-on edit updated to copy policies in sold add-ons if sync resources is enabled in edit add-on.

  • Voice module changes:

    • UserName and domain is made readonly in Subscriber edit.

    • Added Perform Porting option in Phone number porting listing visible when the { "Status": {  "Code": 110 }}.

  • Removed Beta label from SFB calling report.

  • Active Directory

  • ADSync

  • Added functionality to sync security groups from ADSync client to hosted AD

  • SharePoint

  • Added functionality to schedule SharePoint user add\delete actions using workflows.

  • CRM

  • Added functionality to schedule user add, enable and\or disable actions using workflows.

  • Hyper-V

  • Update Hyper-Link tabs to move user to listing, same is possible using "Go Back" too.

  • Added Hard disk move option in Hyper-V management.

  • Added access permissions to allow/disallow modification of VLAN Id.

  • ACL Implemented on VM NICs so only assigned IPs will work for NIC​​

  5. Resolved \ Fixed Issues
  • General

  • Fixed error in ProratedUnitCost calculation.

  • Fixed issue where logged-in as Customer contact takes user to Customer account on session resume.           

  • Fixed error in Move customer due to missing image file.

  • Fixed error faced when session times out, now on timeout user will see login screen.

  • Fixed invoice detail display issue for invoices with 1 line item and wrong date handling.

  • Fixed Schedule monthly report is being sent after 30 minute instead of once in month.

  • Fixed issue where Invoice status is not marked as Paid due fractional difference due to SQL float.

  • Fixed Missed Add-on invoices generated.

  • Fixed error where add-ons are not added in invoice total.

  • Fixed string conversion error from dbnull\guid in export excel for different reports.

  • Fixed error in expanding menu links by clicking in name when domain name contains .asp.

  • Fixed problem of Login PIN of contact being sent to its owner (i.e. customer) when 2FA via PIN code is enabled for panel login.

  • Fixed missing Canadian province problem when adding tax zones.

  • Fixed problem of reseller end customer unable to subscribe services when reseller billing is off.

  • Fixed error in Helpdesk email parser Test.

  • Fixed private label is not getting retained.

  • Fixed search records on pressing “Enter” button issue in panel.

  • Fixed search with domain name on miscellaneous listing interfaces.

  • Fixed error in mailing list where mailing section was shown to end customers even if the mailing list was not configured.

  • Office 365 \ CSP

  • Fixed 2000 error in Azure Rate Cards processing when Profile Country is different then package Locale.

  • Fixed error in Azure login for Contact.

  • Fixed Office 365\CSP offer MS price list import problem when decimal point other than dot\period (.).

  • Fixed error in billing where invoice was not being generated for Defer bill subscription.

  • Fixed error in CSP import due to WebApp and Client Secret method used, it is reverted to Native App + Client credentials.

  • Fixed problem of provider bill percentage column shown in Azure bill detail report when logged in as customer/reseller.

  • Fixed error in Recurring Invoice amount when Avalara is enabled.

  • Fixed problem of missing Microsoft agreement template id in CSP tenant order via API\WHMCS.

  • Fixed Avalara tax calculation problem in CSP subscription invoices

  • Fixed problem of not able to change\select billing cycle and payment group options when importing CSP tenant.

  • Exchange

  • Fixed Add Exchange Mailbox Database is not listing all servers.

  • Fixed Mailbox database selection option is visible in client side interface.

  • Fixed removing a template from Exchange reseller subscription removes all templates for reseller.

  • Fixed error in Exchange Usage Report Export to Excel feature.

  • Fixed error in Exchange Disclaimer Sender Selection as group or a mailbox.

  • Fixed Mailbox email address sync issue.

  • Fixed Arrow key not working in mobile and fax field in Add\edit Mailbox.

  • Skype for Business

  • Fixed error in Exporting reports to Excel due to "#" in header, like for Phone #.

  • Fixed SIP address getting changed incorrectly.

  • Fixed where Skype for Business\Lync jobs status was not getting updated.

  • Fixed Clear completed\cancelled group jobs issue.

  • Fixed issue in import of production node 1170106 in Voice module. Reimport is needed.

  • ADSync

  • Fixed error in ADSync due to service is re-directed to login page.

  • Fixed ADSync user mapping problem when more than one user in the list is selected for sync.

  • Active Directory

  • Fixed error in AD Security Group auto add members.

  • Fixed Active Directory users listing interface problem of ‘index was outside the bounds of the array’.

  • Fixed problem of page break when editing an AD user and CSP module is turned off.

  • SharePoint

  • Fixed problem of page break when adding SharePoint user from customer panel.

6. Known Issues

MachPanel Help-Desk now supports IMAP instead of POP. Help-Desk POP Accounts need to be re-configured \ converted to IMAP accounts.

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