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HOW TO:TechData Distributor (Indirect Partner) Integration

Mudesira Munir


This article provides steps on how to Integrate TechData Distributor into MachPanel.

A client who resales or uses O365 Services via TechData Distributor can use MachPanel's TechData Integration to handle Sales, Billing and Management tasks.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v6.1.30 and later.

Tech Data Distributor Integration

  • Add TechData Distributor
    • In Step-1, Add Distributor by navigating to the following path: Home > Service Director > Microsoft CSP Management > CSP Distributors
    • Click Add CSP Distributor as shown below:


  • Provide distribution provider details.


  • Distributor Listing
    • Once it has been added as CSP Distributors it will appear in listing.


  • CSP profile Indirect partner option
    • In Step-2, navigate to the following path: Home > Service Director > Microsoft CSP Management > Microsoft CSP Profiles
    • Add the TechData Distributor in CSP Profile as Indirect Partner.

  • Indirect partner listing
    • Click Save and you will be able to see the TechData under Indirect partner listing as shown below:

  1. Sale of Azure and O365 is supported but Azure billing is not supported.
  2. To manage O365 hosting, a user (Provider\Reseller staff or Customer) must input username and password by editing Tenant profile.
  3. Custom domain handling is not supported, must be done in backend and synced in panel.

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