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HOW TO:Microsoft CSP Subscriptions Management

Mudesira Munir


This article provide summary on Microsoft CSP subscription(s) management and operations in MachPanel.

Applies To

Applies to MachPanel build v6.1.30 and later.

Microsoft CSP Subscriptions Management
  • Navigate to the following path: Home > Service Director > Microsoft CSP Management > Accounts.
  • Click on the SubscID of CSP account as shown below:

  • You will see General Info tab where you can Chnage Package to upgrade\downgrade Offers\sub-offers(Add-ons).

Select Package and the Billing cycle. Click Save when done.

The subscription management of Microsoft CSP includes following:

  1. Add Subscription
  2. Import Subscriptions
  3. Upgrade Subscription
  4. Increase License Quantity
  5. Status (Active\Suspend)
  6. Convert Trial Offers

1. Add Subscription 

You need to add the required Offers\Add-ons under the service plan and change package (if needed). Then click Add subscription to add a new subscription.

2. Import Subscriptions

You can Import Subscriptions to existing tenant from backend (Direct/Indirect Partner). See More details on integrating TechData (Indirect Partner)


  • Select tenants and click Import.

3. Upgrade Subscriptions

You can upgrade the existing subscriptions along with Add-ons.

 Select new Offer \ available add-ons and Save.

 4. Increase License Quantity

To increase the license quantity just change the number under Quantity column and click Update as shown below:

5. Status (Active\Suspended)

You can also change the status of a subscription to Active \ Suspended as shown below.

6. Convert Trial Offers

Handling of trial offers (Order and Conversion) is now available via MachPanel Interface.
  • To subscribe Trial Offers, select Offers\Add-ons in Service Plan (Offers) section as shown below:


  • Trial offers do NOT support quantity update and status (suspend/resume) update.

  • Trial offers can also be converted to paid/billed offers. Click on the name of Trial Offer, select new offer in "Convert To" and click Save.


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