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HOW TO:Azure App Configuration for Partner Center Management

Rehan Waseem


This article provides a summary for Azure App Configuration required for Partner Center Management

    Applies To

    This article applies to MachPanel build version 7.0.41 and above.


    Please follow below article first, If you have not reviewed it yet.

    Steps Procedure
    •  You will be asked to fill following details while adding profile which can be captured using below section:


    Enable Permissions for 'Microsoft Partner Center' and 'Windows Azure Active Directory Portal':

    • Login to Microsoft Partner Center click on "Dashboard >> View Users", this will land you on "User Management".
    • Under User Management you can click Add User.
    • For CSP Service Account following "roles and permissions" are required:


    Summary of Steps to perform on Microsoft Azure Portal:
    • Go to: and login using your CSP Service Account, then navigate to "Azure Active Directory" >> "App Registrations".
    • Create "New Registration".


    • Web Redirect URL shall be set as ‘localhost’ with ‘http’ protocol and any port available between 8400 and 8999 Like: ‘http://localhost:8400’
    • Hit Register to register this application.

    • Click on your desired Application, and click the option "Manifest"
    • Locate "requiredResourceAccess"

      and replace as explained in attached "API Permissions.txt".
    • Finally, click on "Certificates & Secrets" from Menu and create "Client Secret" and save it with you as you will need this later (this will be used as $webAppSecret in commands below).


    ​Summary of Steps to perform on MachPanel Control Panel Server Machine:
    • Execute commands below to get your - *Refresh Token: - to be inserted into MachPanel Profile settings.
    • ​​​​Replace Values in below variables (highlighted) as per your profile and run on PowerShell.



    $webAppId = '00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000000'

    $webAppSecret = 'fjrnf34ffn43oif34iofj3ifjfoi34foi34fj' | ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force

    $tenantId = '00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000000'

    $credential = New-Object -TypeName System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList $webAppId,$webAppSecret

    $Token = New-PartnerAccessToken -Scopes '' -ServicePrincipal -ApplicationId $webAppId -Credential  $credential -Tenant $tenantId -UseAuthorizationCode

    • Enter CSP Service Account Username/Password and MFA Key when prompted during command execution to generate token.
    • To get token value write $token.refreshtoken and hit Enter. Copy value of Refresh token.​


    Once done insert all required details of MachPanel CSP Profile in Partner Center Management section.

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