INFO:Office 365 Configuration Guidelines for MachPanel

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INFO:Office 365 Configuration Guidelines for MachPanel


This article provides a summary for Office 365 Configuration Guidelines for MachPanel.

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This article applies to MachPanel build version 5.6.30 and above.


MachPanel Office 365 Admin Center is the only management software that completely wipes out the complexities in Office 365 management by its unified approach. It allows you to significantly reduce your time to manage users, groups, contacts and manipulate plenty of settings via single interface. It is simple, fast and consolidated admin center that allows you to perform numerous action at a time without waiting for any previous one to be completed.


For MachPanel to interact with Microsoft Office 365, there are multiple PowerShell modules required to be installed on MachPanel control server. Apart from PowerShell modules installation, there are other configuration steps involved and host machine environment requirements to complete and these are as follows.


Microsoft DotNet Framework 4.5 or above shall be installed on host machine (In most cases it will be control server)


Execution policy for Windows PowerShell needs to be set to ‘RemoteSigned’ so that remote commands can be executed in shell. To set execution policy, please open windows PowerShell and type below command and then press enter to execute

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned


1. Azure Active Directory Module

To get Office 365 start working, please navigate to in your browser and click the first link on this page to reach the download section to perform the install:

  1. Microsoft online services sign-in assistant for office 365
  2. Azure active directory module for Windows PowerShell

Download Azure Active Directory Installer for build v 6.0.20 HF1

Clients already using CSP module needs to un-install Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version).msi. and install v1.1.166.0 using installer. Currently the updated installer for Azure is missing in list for v6.0.20 Hf1, client need to download installers from link given below:

Download Azure Installer Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version) V1.1.166.0.msi from following Path:

Note: We will remove the old installer and add new installer in new installers and also place the new installer in the Installers folder in upcoming update.

    2. SharePoint Online Module for Office 365

    For Microsoft SharePoint Online navigate to in your browser, download and install module for SharePoint online

    Note: Install the latest version according to your Operating System Platform.

    3. Lync OR Skype4B Module for Office 365

    For Lync Online or Skype for Business navigate to in your browser and download module for Lync Online or Skype for Business.


    To communicate with Microsoft Office 365 a windows service is built that will operate as a bridge between MachPanel and Microsoft Office 365. To install the service please locate “o365install.bat” file inside “Control Server Installation directory > Apps > O365” directory, usually:  "C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Control Server\Apps\O365".

    Open the file in edit mode, verify the service executable file path mentioned in command inside this file and RUN this file via Windows Shell with administrator privileges or simply right click and RUN AS ADMINSTRATOR. 

    Once the service is installed, open the services console in windows and locate service with name “MachPanel O365 Service” and make sure it is in running state.

    Note: o365install.bat file should be RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.


    Once all the required PowerShell modules are installed, reboot the server. System reboot is mandatory step in configuration and must not be skipped.


    To enable MicroSoft CSP module in MachPanel Control Server, please navigate to Path: Home » System Configuration » Built-in Modules and select “MicroSoft CSP” Checkbox as checked and press “Update Configuration” button. For detail see below screenshot of the interface:


    Once CSP module is enabled then add as CSP profile. Navigate to: Home » Service Director » Microsoft CSP » Microsoft CSP Profiles

    • Create CSP Product \ Service Plan for Resellers, Customers and Addons as per requirement.

    • Sell your Products to your customer.
    • After that you can manage CSP tenants from the following Path: Home » Service Director » MicroSoft CSP Management » Accounts
    Please review following KB for further management:

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