RELNOTES: MachPanel 5.3.10 Release Notes (December 15, 2015 )

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RELNOTES: MachPanel 5.3.10 Release Notes (December 15, 2015 )

  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Major Enhancements
  4. Improvements\New Features
  5. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  6. Known Issues
1. Important Prerequisites
  1. MachPanel Control Server 5.2.26
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 5.2.26

2. Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

3. Major Enhancements
  1. Support added for Microsoft Exchange 2016
  2. Support added for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.
  3. Template based user attributes synchronization via ADSync. For more details review KB article:
  4. Group jobs processing priority configuration (provider only). For more details review KB article:
  5. VPS (Hyper-V) Usage Reporting functionality added.
  6. Usage reports/stats on default dashboard in MachPanel for more details review KB:
  7. Added Custom attributes in Mailbox templates and set default Mailbox templates for a company. For more details review KB article:
  8. Calendar Permissions\Mail Contacts added in Journaling rules: For more details review KB article:
  9. Dial Plans can be managed (i.e. Add/Edit/Remove) through MachPanel now. Normalization Rules are also manageable/configurable along with Dial Plans. For more details review KB article:
  10. Workflow Import is available in Lync Migration now.

4. Improvements\ New Features

  • General Improvements:
  • Append UPN Suffix: In Add/edit of Active Directory Domain interface there is new setting, Append UPN suffix in User Logon Name If this setting enabled then domainName will be appended in SAM else not. For more details review KB article:
  • Hide Credit Card interfaces: If you enable \ disable this option from "Billing Settings" the credit card interfaces will be Hidden\Shown.
  • Reset Invoices of the company. For more details review KB:
  • Registering a customer from Store-Locale, Time Zone and Language: (Time Zone and Language are set default according to the company settings)
  • Multiple language support for custom node in machpanel Menu. Review KB article:
  • Audit logs- ability to search by "details": (As a provider\reseller ability to search\filter audit logs by searches text in details and extended details.)
  • A new reporting dashboard for Usage and SPLA reports also with functionality to schedule email for reports. For more details:
  • Sync security groups from backend to AD. Add SG To SG in Ad -Security Group: (Functionality for group user added instead of single user to Security group)
  • A tab to view archived logs: (For a provider\reseller\end customer new tab added to view archived logs)
  • Added email address in column in Customer listing.
  • Search enhancement for Domain Alias. Additional domains will be shown on mouse hover over primary domain name field.
  • Access templates - Manage “Delete Item Retention” setting under Mail Flow settings: (Implemented: Option to manage “Delete Item Retention” setting has been provided in reseller\end customer access templates)
  • Add show\hide for "billing On\Off” in access template of Pre-paid Reseller: (Added new feature for Pre-paid reseller in access template to hide billing) For more details review KB:
  • AD user operations are being performed without success messages:(Implemented: success message has been added, for AD user operations like changing password, optional fields, enabling for services etc.)
  • Confirmation message before deleting in bulk: (Implemented: Warning message has been added while performing Bulk Deletion from MachPanel)
  • Adding\editing staff user-Auto-generated password: (Implemented: while adding editing staff user auto-generated password needed with show password option)
  • Default Currency of Customer: (Implemented: Default currency selection added in customer profile. Call charges will be applied using that PGID if billing is off, else subscription PGID is use, and to resolve the Skype4B call reporting issue when billing is off)
  • Text enhancement- Upgrade\downgrade to instead of Upgrade\downgrade in.
  • Creating copies of email template while creating reseller: (Implemented: Option to replicate Provider’s email templates into reseller’s account while creating it)
  • Review hard coded theme “Default” in CSS\panel pages and replace it with current theme in use: (While adding new theme Hard coded " url(/App_Themes/default/" in style.css will be generated dynamically so that errors can be avoided)
  • MachPanel Search enhancement: (Implemented: Options to search Contacts of customers, search customer via Alternate email, search subscriptions via domain aliases and to search by staff user details)
  • If a Subscription is removed from cart, its add-ons should also get removed: (As a provider\reseller\end customer subscribe any service with add-on issue fixed)
  • Primary Server field in SOA: (Feature added for a Primary Server Input in DNS template as optional\required, User should be able to update Primary Server in DNS management, Feature available for MS DNS, Simple DNS etc.)
  • Default currency of a customer or reseller: (Currency will be load based on selected owner (provider\reseller) )
  • Add last sync time in ADUser table, update time on every sync cycle for user, show last synced time in AD Sync User’s usage report.
  • Search Function in API: (Created new search for Customer\Reseller with checks on reseller he will see his own customers & resellers)
  • Validation function for PGID value in API: (Validation checks for payment groupid when creating customer\reseller via API are placed)
  • Exchange:
  • Mailbox domain specification added in mailbox bulk creation so that mailboxes can be created using different primary domain in single CSV.
    1. Mail Contact can be added to Journal Rules: (As Provider\Customer mail contact added into Journal rules)
    2. Hide Public folder while adding Shared mailbox.
    3. Option to "Send Email" while creating Room\Equipment mailbox has been removed.
    4. Hide "download outlook profile" from end customer via access Template: (Feature added in access template for end customer to hide “Download outlook profile”)
    5. Email Clients under Server Groups: "Outlook, Entourage download options”, client using Exchange and offering outlook download, must update settings. For more details:
    6. MX Destination Hosts Provisioning while adding Domain in Spam Experts: (Added MX Destination Hosts Provisioning while adding Domain in Spam Experts.) For more details review KB:
    7. Forward Mails to a Public Folder: (Feature added to forward emails to a mail enabled PF)
    8. Distribution list membership and management - left right selection and ability to add while creating DL: (Added feature as provider\reseller\end customer Left right selection for manage, ability to add members at the time of creating DL)
    9. X500 field for exchange mailbox: (Option added to create the X500 address per mailbox as an alias “(email) address)”. Ability to add mailbox, bulk mailbox, edit mailbox email, add mailbox email, and set primary, import)
    10. Standardizing signatures (Disclaimer) big companies: (Enhancement added to auto-populate fields from AD such as Name, Department, and Address etc. in Exchange disclaimer)
    11. Public Folder management (external user posting): (As provide\customer checkbox added for “external user posting" when creating public folder)
    12. "Unlimited" text was missing: As a provider\reseller\end customer Unlimited was missing also unnecessary space character on different places has been removed.
    13. Mailbox Forward Default Action: (While trying to set email forwarding default option update to drop down & more Validation check added to select one as default)
    14. Add sip Address field into Add Exchange- Mailcontact: (As Provider\Customer SIP Address as input filed while creating mail contact in Exchange organization and Value should be save in "msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress " At backend)
    15. Public Folder management enhancement: (Permission for all security group added including default & changed check box selection)
    16. MachPanel for Exchange PF (inherit Sub-folder): (Management added of PF (inherit Sub-Folder) to choose the right for a user or a group)
    17. Handling Exchange databases move in DAG. (Exchange database load balancing, new users): (Improved Exchange database handling in load balance manner)
    18. Show\Hide Mailbox Types from Customer\Reseller: (Add in Mailbox Access permission of reseller and customer)
    19. Updating primary SMTP Address via Group action: (As Provider\Customer update SMTP address from one domain to other for multiple mailboxes via group Action)
    • Skype4B\Lync:
    • In Persistent Chat => Add/Edit Chat Room/Category, members selection and permissions are replaced with Selectable/Selected Listboxes instead of grids and rules are well implemented to avoid inconsistency between members added to different sections.
    • Queue and workflow enhancement: (Building an IVR, Agent to group & alphabetical sorting added)
    • Bulk Skype4B\Lync user - package\add-on issue: (Select the add-on in bulk operation but once the user provision MachPanel associate the package with it)
    • Skype4B\Lync bulk user: (Retain the previous step setting when adding the bulk Skype4B\Lync user)
    • Multiple call rates for an organization: (As a provider\reseller\end customer check list added, edit to change assigned call bundles, bulk user give option to select call bundle, in call processing, load all bundles data assigned to subscription added)
    • Call bundles in "As a Reseller" subscription: (Ability to select multiple call bundle added)
    • Importing Call bundles having Huge Call rates records: (Error update: When huge call rate records imported)
    • Conference call Inbound\Outbound rate charging: (Conference call inbound\outbound feature added)
    • Special pricing for Toll free number used for Conference calls. For more details review KB:
    • Local call rates, conference inbound\outbound calls: (Functionally for inbound\outbound\video\conference call has been added)
    • Add double digits for minutes and seconds in the duration field (Call report is not updated)
    • Call reports' enhancements - Date\Time format and quick file export: (Enhancement added for call reports with data time format & functionality improved for export file)
    • Update Lync call reports based on the customer’s time zone:(Update all skype4B\lync call reports with customer time zone feature added)
    • Multiple Dial Plan Handling: (Functionally added to handle multiple dialup plan)
    • DIDs association restriction: Modify the functionally of DIDs association review KB for more details:
    • DID assignment to AD attributes : (Functionality for DID assignment & ad attributes added)
    • Skype4B\Lync phone number and usage report enhancements: (Phone Number details in usage report enhancement added)
    • UI enhancements-updating Skype4B\Lync user policies via group action: (As a provider\reseller\end customer UI enhancement added (delete, enable, disable, switch package, switch dial plan, Change call bundle ))
    • Bulk addition of federated domains in Lync 2013 Enterprise or Skype4B
    • Selecting Ddl_telephony before Ddl_SPLA results in error: (While creating plan for end customer SPLA type error resolved)
    • Select queue is mandatory so * should be in place: (As a provider\reseller\end customer while creating a workflow Select Queue is mandatory option added)
    • Assigning\un-assigning number to workflow: (As a provider\reseller\end customer in both hunt and interactive type workflow add/edit option added)
    • Editing extension issues and enhancement: (Enhancement has been added for editing Existing extension)
    • Default currency, call report generation and call categorization: (Functionalities has been improved for default currency, call reporting & call categorization)
    • Customer Product Listing is standardized for provider and reseller: (Features added for customer products listing & more standardize for provide & reseller)
    • Greater IVR depth in Lync Response Groups: (Support for greater IVR depth in Lync Response Groups added, now customers can use 0-9 of the keypad)
    • GetLyncPackageAndAddonsForNewUserAssignment should return human readable information: (Error update: updated the error during skype4B\lync package & add-ons)
    • Accessing a pending subscription:(Error update: for pending subscription)
    • Skype4B\Lync user listing Interface: (For Skype4B\Lync user listing interface Filter replaced as search button)
    • Company name (owner) instead of just owner
    • Update DNS record When Skype4B\Lync service is cancelled via MachPanel.
    • Number of available users in dropdown listing while creating Lync users
    • Collapsed success message: (Success message updated, while adding phone number)
    • Skype4B\Lync Server Group Enhancement (CDR Connection String test): (Button to test the Connection string of CDR Database added)
    • Update Skype4B\Lync user policies in bulk: (Updated Lync user policies managed with detail error message & option to user to edit user plan using group action)
    • WebHosting \ Domain Name:
    • _ should be allowed in DNS records: (TXT records updated with _ functionality)
    • Allow providers \ customer to enable \ disable website (IIS) logs
    • Each domain should have at-least one FTP user account: (Default FTP account will be added with all hosting subscription)
    • One should have ability to add DNS zone if not created with provisioning: (Functionality to add DNS zone has been added if not created with provisioning)
    • Quota and additional implementation review: (Better functionality for quota handling added)
    • Separate disk and Bandwidth and Quota calculation and ability to stop calculation
    • Automatic handling of ODBC: (Automatic handling off ODBC added)
    • Exact size calculation and storage enhancement: (Enhancement has been added for exact size calculation & storage enhancement)
    • Check to include logs\database\mail size in disk space calculation: (More checks added for logs\database\mail size in disk space calculation)
    • Paging at DNS zone management: (Better Handling for DNS zone & Paging has been added)
    • DNS and transfer handling task for TransIP and OpenSRS Domain Registrars
    • SharePoint
    • Selectable\selected list boxes implementation instead of checkboxes: (List boxes implementation instead of check boxes for quick section added)
    • Add/edit SharePoint user pages should be consistent: (As a provider\reseller\end customer add\edit share point user page messaged formatted properly)
    • Group selection in user creation left-right selection instead of checkbox: (Left right selection added instead of check box in the group selection)
    • Editing SharePoint portal-All fields are being sent: (As a provider\reseller\end customer edit additional URL, edit portal properties fixed)
    • Only one setting needs to be added for ADFSIdentityTokenIssuerName: (All additional setting removed & fixed for adding ADFSIdentityTokenIssuerName)
    • Remove "Add Server" and "Remove" options from Server group listing: (Feature added as a Provider to "Add server" and "remove server" options)
    • Change the title User in "override credential in SharePoint Server group": (Feature added the field specified changed in both add and edit interfaces for SharePoint)
    • CRM:
    • Delete record from CRM users table when delete AD user is performed: (New feature added to delete record from CRM users table when delete AD user is performed)
    • Feature added for multiple disabled users: (Feature added for multiple disabled users with same UPN\SAM name should be treated as single CRM user in usage report.)
    • Feature added to cancel previous (pending) group job: (Feature added to cancel previous (pending) group job for a user account if some new job is added for the same user account (CRM))
    • Remove "Add Server" and "Remove" options from Server group listing: (Feature added for a Provider "Add server" and "remove server" options hidden in server groups)
    • VPS (Hyper-V)
    • Virtual NIC, IP Pool and NIC handling enhancements: (New Enhancement for Virtual NIC, IP Pool & NIC has been added)
    • Gateway removal or assigned IP With gateway: (Feature added for Provider\Customer to assign IP address Without Gateway and can Edit\Remove gateway from existing NIC's.)
    • Added Move button in VPS management interface. On mouse hover it will show the list of all available servers excluding current server of VPS. After choosing a server from the servers list a Group Job\Action will be added to VPS "Group Actions" and VPS will be in migrating state. For more details review KB:
    • IP pool assignment in Add-on provisioning: (Feature added in add-on for IP Pool assignment)
    • Linux VM Handling in Hyper-V in VPS module: (Feature added for Linux VM handling in Hyper-V)
    • IP Pool assignment to reseller: (Feature added for IP Pool Assignment to reseller)  
    • Rename computer to change windows computer name within VPS from interface: (Feature added to rename computer to change windows computer name within VPS from interface)
    • Assigned IP Addresses at a glance: (Feature added for provider\reseller\end customer to assigned IP Addresses at a glance)
    • Add reference Name for VPS IP Pool: (Feature added for IP Pool reference in all interfaces where required)
    • Reset Password of VPS: (As provider\customer an option "reset password " in VPS management hs been added)

    5. Resolved\Fixed Issues

    • General Issues Fixed:
    • Cancelling add-on-Error converting data type nvarchar to int: (As a provider/reseller/end customer while cancelling simple/billing add-on error caused by apostrophe fixed)
    • Send email-checkbox is checked but textbox hidden: (Fixed problem with send email check box where text box was not hidden when check box is checked)
    • Log failure email should be sent just once daily
    • Changing Reseller's End customer's Access template from Provider: (Fixed page crash issue while Changing Reseller’s End Customer access template from provider)
    • Home » System Configuration » License Management: (Alignment issue in license section has been fixed)
    • Error Deleting Subscription \ Org (imported Organization): (While canceling imported Org error “Delete SMTP domain” Fixed)
    • Pop-up alignment review: (As a provider\reseller\end customer pop-up implementation reviewed and fixed)
    • Section gets hidden when error occurs while creating commission based reseller: (Fixed module section that gets hidden when it is failed to create commission based reseller due to any error)
    • Show OU internal name in active directory: organization Section: (Fixed: OU internal name is added to the listing of AD organization on both PCC\RCC and CCC)
    • Show password in password field: (Fixed: Ability to see the password while typing or generating a random password)
    • MachPanel branding in email templates: (Fixed: For provider/reseller MachPanel brand name has been removed email template text) 
    • Files and database backup inconsistency: (Fixed database Backup issue & standardized to make the feature useful for providers)
    • Default option in holiday set start/end dates: (Fixed: Issue resolved while setting up holiday set start\end dates)
    • Credit card\details not being found .(Credit Card for End customer added, Credit card details not found of the reseller customer from Provided has been fixed)
    • Price freeze not applied to subscription upgrade\downgrade: (Price freeze visibility during upgrade\downgrade after disabling from general billing has been fixed)
    • 4th Level Interface that ADSync user can change password issue is fixed.
    • Black berry server Group formatting\icon issue: (Server group setting has been formatted & changed Enable icon of BB member’s server)
    • Exchange:
    • Conversion from string "SecurityDistributionGroup" to type 'Double' is not valid.(As a provider\reseller\end customer error on clicking public folder record has been fixed)
    • Public folder edit issue (Large Max.item, Issue\prohibit value): (Error fixed while public folder created with larger value)
    • Exchange-Mailbox-Databases Duplicate List: (Exchange Mail box database duplicate list has been fixed)
    • Issues Fixed with Distribution list membership-multiple searches.
    • Template Details aren't being shown in group Action: (As provider\Reseller\end customer ability to see details of mailbox template in group actions has been fixed)
    • Dismounted Exchange Database still appears while creating Mailbox. (Visibility of Dismounted exchange database during creating of mailbox has been fixed)
    • Clicking on show template details does nothing. (From AD show template details has been fixed)
    • Mailbox database is hidden from Customers. (For end customer database option visibility has been fixed)
    • Auto-generated password not needed: (Auto generator password for Linked\Shared\Room mailbox has been fixed)
    • Multiple Subscriptions "as Reseller"-no checks in place in service queue: (Multiple Subscription from different browser as a reseller has been fixed)
    • Exporting mailbox usage report after applying filters: (Error fixed while importing mail box usage report using filter)
    • Access Templates and unwanted options showing: (Issue with option like UM & journaling for user login as customer has been fixed)
    • Exchange Distribution Groups and Contacts not searchable in Skype4B\Lync: (Fixed for exchange distribution group & contacts that are not searchable in Skype4B\Lync)
    • Skype4B\Lync:
    • Hyper link in usage report shouldn't take someone to management: (As a Provider\reseller\end customer usage report issue has been fixed)
    • Issue Fixed: canceling billing Add-ons: (Billing add-on canceling issue has been fixed)
    • Locked telephony dropdown: (Issue of telephony dropdown got locked when SPLA type is selected has been fixed)
    • Ambiguous column name 'DialPlan': (As a provider\reseller\end customer issue on tab: User Usage Report has been fixed)
    • Error on Add user (Skype4B\Lync): (Issue Fixed on “Add User” & with new subscription in Skype4B\Lync account management)
    • Record not found-SP_EM_OCS_GetSoldPoliciesBySoldAddonID_Lync: (Issue Resolved in getting details of sold billing only add-on)
    • Call Bundle page numbering issue has been fixed.
    • Skype4B\Lync Policy Sync: (Issue with policy sync after saving & re-editing has been fixed)
    • Restore SPs while fetching call reports data: (Skype4B\Lync Server the SPs use to fetch the call reports data from Skype4B\Lync Database issue has been fixed)
    • Skype4B\Lync workflow Input string format when no phone number added. (As a provider\reseller\end customer default option added instead of empty dropdown)
    • Error in order flow (add and subscribe to Service): (Error resolved for “add and subscribe to service” for a reseller and try to subscribe for service)
    • Editing billing only add-on: (As provider\reseller edit two or more billing only add-on in one go issue has been fixed)
    • Incorrect hyperlink: (Issue of incorrect hyper link with end customer for new Skype4B\Lync user has been fixed)
    • Logs "details" should be hidden once page is refreshed: (When page is refreshed log details visibility issue has been fixed)
    • Removing extension only isn't being saved: (Removing Extension with changing to private issue has been fixed)
    • Call rates input issue when locale is Dutch or other: (Call rates input issue when other language is selected in local issue has been fixed)
    • Formatting of hours, minutes billed: (Functionality has been reviewed & updated the format of hours & minutes billed)
    • Add Skype4B\Lync User does set optional field value at backend.
    • Details should not contain resources detail in case of billing only add-on:(Pop up containing resources information issue has been fixed)
    • Email isn't being sent when Skype4B\Lync user is created.
    • Problem when change phone number: (Error fixed when changing phone number for existing user)
    • Send Email Validation message at Add Skype4B\Lync user: (Error Message updated when send validation email to add Skype4B\Lync user)
    • Import Phone number on Fly: (Issue while importing phone number has been fixed)
    • Customer Dashboard showing wrong allowed number of users. (Issue has been fixed for the Skype4B\Lync subscriptions displaying on dashboard one with the Package and other with the Add-ons)
    • Packages\add-on listing in edit Skype4B\Lync user: (Issue fixed for the package & add-on when editing Skype4B\Lync user)
    • Disable browser when on Fly is selected.
    • WebHosting:
    • Smarter Mail or MailEnable, IIS, FTP provisioning without DNS: (Issue related to smarter mail, Mail enable, IIS, FTP provisioning with put DNS has been fixed)
    • Bug when registering\transferring domain (DDL changes TLD to default one): (Error fixed when registering\transferring domain (DDL changes TLD to default one)
    • Add Server Group: Wrong display of number of steps: (Issue has been fixed while adding server group all steps updated)
    • SharePoint\CRM:
    • Issue has been fixed nothing to see in the SharePoint\CRM Account Details for an AD User
    • Trusted Identity Provider (AD FS – TrustedIdentityTokenIssuerName: (Error fixed If for the field " trusted Identity Provider (AD FS-trautedIdentityTokenIssueName) )
    • OU reuse restriction in SharePoint Multitenant. (Issue fixed for provider\reseller\end customer implemented in offline order, API and import)
    • VPS(Hyper-V):
    • Issue Fixed: Unable to Add VPS from RCC and Reseller’s Customer side.
    • VM creates always on a certain node and is not distributing on other nodes
    • Hyper-V service Plan Upgrade \ Downgrade has been fixed.

    6. Known Issues


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