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HOW TO:Exchange Severs configuration and Global Settings in MachPanel.

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This article provides a summary for integration of Exchange server, creating\selling of Exchange service plan, and service management (adding mailboxes, contacts, DL's, public folders etc.) in MachPanel.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel Build v7

Customization of MachPanel:

Customization of MachPanel includes Personalization, Localization, Layout Settings, Menu Setting, Theme changes & Email Templates etc.

Company profile settings are used in all the documents where company information is displayed. For example, Invoice document, Payment document, customer control center etc.

Please review the following KB article for further details:

Management of Exchange Server Group in MachPanel

  • Integrate Exchange in MachPanel:

To integrate Exchange in MachPanel, navigate to the following path:Home » Service Director » Exchange Hosting »  Server Groups and Add a Server Group. See the snapshot below:

To integrate Exchange in MachPanel please review the following KB article for further details:

  • Email Clients

To integrate Email Client please follow below KB article:

  • General Settings
  • You can set below setting on Server Group level for your Exchange Subscriptions

  • For checkbox setting Quota to 0 on Disable.
    • This feature will work as needed for any mailbox disabled/enabled after the update is deployed.
    • For existing mailboxes already disabled, you have to enable and then disable mailbox Or you can use set quota to 0 using PS: Set-Mailbox "UPN" -MaxSendSize "0" -MaxReceiveSize "0"  (Have to replace UPN with UPN of mailbox.)
    • Also, following query can be used to generate the PS commands: Select 'Set-Mailbox "' + UPN + '" -MaxSendSize "0" -MaxReceiveSize "0"' from HB_tblExchangeMailboxes where Disabled='1' and UserLDAPUrl!=''
    • Above query will generate PS commands for the mailbox which are already disabled before the update. So you can copy those commands and execute them on Exchange Powershell.
  • Create Send Connector for Relay Accepted Domain
    • You can create Send Connector for Internal/External relay domain using below KB article:​​

  • OWA Mailbox Policies
    • When a new server group is added, OWA policy is automatically added with default values in Database and within few minutes the policy get created on backend Exchange too. (When policy is created or modified, edit/remove buttons become disable)
    • You can also create OWA mailbox policy as provider under the Server Group Setting
    • You can give the policy name, choose your Server Group and then select Customers or select All



  • Then you can check/uncheck Communication Management resources


  • Similarly check/uncheck resources for Information Management, Security, User Experience, Time Management, File Access and Offline Access

  • At the end check/uncheck OWA features


  • Once Save it will apply to all of the mailboxes of the customer selected while creation of this OWA Policy and can be seen under Exchange Account Management interface as shown below:


  • You can also create Policy under the Account management and apply to its selected mailboxes


  • Billing system Configuration & Management:

Billing preferences are set of configurations that are supposed to be setup according to the underlying business scenarios because these settings totally depend on your business nature and customer relationship. Please review the following KB article for further details:

  • Creating & Selling Exchange Service Plan:

  1. Before Subscribing or Selling Exchange Service to a customer, create a Service Plan \ Package.
  2. To create a new package \ service plan, navigate to the following path: Home >> Service Plan >> Exchange Hosting.
  3. Click on Customer Product Listing tab, add new product. See the snapshot below:

Please view more details on Creating Service Plan \Package in MachPanel;

Please review the following KB article for Upgrading an existing Service Plan, resources, creating and selling Add-on;
  • Provisioning of a Service Plan:

Please review the following KB article for selling and provisioning of Exchange service further details:

  • Service Management of Exchange:
You can manage hosting services for Exchange by clicking on the Service Management link from the following path: Home >> Service Director >> Exchange Hosting >> Exchange Accounts. See the snapshot below:

Please review the following KB article for further details:
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