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HOW TO:Mailbox Management in MachPanel Exchange

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This article gives information about management of Exchange Mailboxes

Applies To:

Applies to MachPanel v6 and above

Management of Exchange Mailboxes

Create a new Mailbox under Mailboxes tab, and then Click on the mailbox name in order to manager mailbox settings, se the snapshot below

Please review the following Kb article to create a new mailbox:   

  • Under Group Actions the email alias for Last name has been added.

  • Under Group Actions in General setting you can Process external meeting messages for room and equipment mailboxes.


Room Mailbox

For room mailbox you can set Booking Request default for new mailbox under Exchange server group settings as shown below

Viewing User Mailbox properties and Template details:

Under General button you can change display name and templates etc. Also Last login Date Time is also added as new feature in latest build: see the snapshot below:

Please review the following Kb article on how to create and apply templates:

Adding Email Addresses:
A mailbox can have multiple email addresses or aliases. This allows the mail box to receive messages that are addressed to any one of these e-mail addresses. Two types of Email aliases can be added:
  1. SMTP
  2. Custom

 Click on the mailbox name for which you wish to add email address. Select Email Address tab, enter the desired value in Email Address box and click on Add button.

Set Email Forwarding:
Click on the mailbox name for which you wish set mail forwarding. Click on the Mail Flow Settings tab and enable the Enable email forwarding checkbox. Enter the address where mail shall forward in Forward to box and click Save button.

You can also provide recipients limit and delete item retention in days.

A provider can "Allow to edit custom attributes" to Reseller, Customer, contact, Staff user under access permissions of Exchange

The Restrictions displays following:

Accept Message From: There are two options to select from:

  • All senders: If selected, message will be accepted from any sender.
  • Only senders in the following list: If you selected, the message will be accepted only from the addresses selected from the list.

Reject Message From: There are two options to select from:

  • No senders: If selected, message will never be rejected.
  • senders in the following list: If you selected, the message will be rejected if coming from the addresses selected from the list.

Click on Save button when done.

Manage Mailbox Features under Advanced and Permissions:
When a mailbox is first created it inherits the OWA and Service Access (POP/SMTP/IMAP) from the service plan assigned to exchange organization. In some cased you may want to change service features for individual mailboxes. You may do this easily via web interface.
Under Permissions tab you can manage following permissions:
  1. Send On Behalf
  2. Send As
  3. Full Access

If Exchange provider is 2013 (CU9) or later display checkbox under mailbox permissions, SendOnBehalf \Send As "Message copy for Send On Behalf \ Send As enabled" [Checkbox]

Manage Mailbox Databases:
In order to change a mailbox database Select Mailbox Database button ans select the desired DB from the drop down list as shown in the snaphot below:

Manage Unified Messaging:
First of all, UM Policy >> UM Dial Plans are created and managed on backend, review link below:
  1. In order to manage Unified messaging navigate to the path: Home » Service Director » Exchange Hosting » Exchange Server Groups
  2. Assign UM policy to your Exchange Server Group.

MachPanel will fetch all policies and show you under Exchange UM polices tab. Click on Edit Assignment to assign policies to your Customer\Resellers.

Click on Activate under Unified Messaging tab of the selected Mailbox.

Manage Automatic Replies:
In order to manage Automatic Replies select tab as shown below and select Enable:
  • Send replies only during this time period: Select to define time period.  
  • Send a reply once to each sender inside my organization with the following message: Type your message here.

  • Send automatic reply messages to senders outside my organization: Select to send
  • Send replies only to senders in my Contacts list
  • Send replies to all external senders
  • Send a reply once to each sender outside my organization with the following message: Type and save your reply.
Manage Distribution List membership:
In order to manage Distribution List membership on a selected mailbox select Distribution List membership tab as shown below:

Manage Journaling:
In order to manage journaling select Journaling tab:

Manage Calendar Permissions:
In order to manage calendar permissions select Calendar Permissions tab and click Add Permissions button as shown below:

  1. In mailbox details, under calendar permissions tab, Default & Anonymous groups will also be listed and their permissions can be changed.
  2. Please note that Default and Anonymous user permissions are set to None by Fix Security Permissions operation.
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