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HOTFIX:Hotfix for MachPanel Build v7.2.35 HF2 Updated (March 07, 2024)

Zohaib Shaikh


This article provides 7.2.35 HF2 and information about how to apply this fix on your servers.

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This article applies to MachPanel

Important Note
Latest Issues Fixed

Build: 7.2.35 HF2 Updated: March 07, 2024

1: Added Language Header for REST API Reporting end points.
2: Fixed CustomerId is not returned in Mailbox Usage report for resellers.
3: -AccountOnly option added in Clear-MobileDevice command to remove Exchange Mailbox Data only.
4: Fixed Mailbox Template Clone issue.
5: Fixed Exchange Error: Some required parameter(s) missing when creating mailbox using AD interface.
6: Fixed error in creating ADUser when no customer is selected.
7: Addon and Misc product Quantity displayed in Service Queue.
8: Fixed error in Sync AD user when manager does not exists on Hosted AD. Manager will get skipped if related user not found in Hosted AD.
9: Updated Russian translation.
10: Fixed error in Add/Edit WorkFlow.
11: Fixed Mailbox quota display issue in edit mailbox.
12: Mailbox column missing in Mailbox Report fixed.
13: Fixed Mail.dll license issue in HelpDesk parser.
14: Fixed SQL timeout error in Apply Mailbox Template.
15: Fixed template selection not visible when enabling Mailbox or existing AD Users.
16: Fixed error in inserting Access template.
17: Fixed O365 Tenant provisioning fails due to new GDAP implementation.
18: Fixed Load Balancer files update and service restart issue on secondary server.
19: Auto extend default admin relationship for CSP partner handled.
20: Fixed Org password policy defaults not getting set on Bulk Mailbox creation.
21: UPN edit not allowed if Customer Permission does not allow Email Address Management for Mailbox.
22: Recycle bin days setting increased to 120 days.
23: Delay for OS initialization handled in VPS provisioning.
24: Fixed Title getting blank when not being changed in bulk edit user.
25: Transport rules management is allowed to provider admin only.
26: Fixed error on virtual processor more than 256.
27: Fixed Storage type not retained in edit package.
28: Fixed Single VM IPs selection issue when NIC is removed and being added again.
29: Fixed Password settings not getting applied if Password settings management is not allowed to customer or mailbox is enabled for existing ADUser.30: Unverified domain hidden from alias creation.31: Fixed Exchange other reports not working from client side.32: Fixed additional disk creation not working in Hyper-V.33. Fixed DL member not added in backend for some jobs occasionally.34. Fixed 'Object Reference' error When logged in as Reseller and then Edit the Virtual Machine service plan of the Reseller’s End Customer.
  • Go to MachPanel configuration studio.
  • Shut down all the MachPanel services and also exit the configuration studio. Make sure no instance to MachPanel Configuration Studio is running under any user.


  • Download the hotfix file from the link at bottom of this page.
  • Stop IIS Admin Service, please make sure that all the services are STOPPED from MachPanel Configuration Studio. Verify from "Task Manager" that the following services are not running.

  1. MachSol.MachPanel Provisioning Service.
  2. MachSol.MachPanel.ConfigurationStudio.exe.
  3. MachPanel Billing Service.
  4. MachPanel Helpdesk Service.
  5. MachPanel Network Service.
  6. MachPanel License Service.
  7. MachPanel O365 Service.
  • Replace files from MachPanel folder on MachPanel control server (Path: C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Control Serverand Replace files from Remote server folder of hotfix folder on MachPanel remote server (C:\Program Files\MachSol\MachPanel Remote Serverkeeping the folder hierarchy same as it is in hotfix. (you should get message to overwrite files, if not you are not doing it right).

  • Execute script.txt from zip file on MachPanel_Db after logging in to SQL management studio as MachPanel_Db user.
  • Once all files are replaced properly from hotfix folder Restart all services related to MachPanel on Control as well as Remote Servers.
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