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HOW TO:Manage Groups (DL) under O365/CSP/NCE tenant

Mudesira Munir


This article provides brief detail to manage CSP service i.e. how to add & manage Exchange & Skype for business Users under Microsoft CSP tenant.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel build v6.2.10 and above.

Creating Distribution Groups:
  • Navigate to the following path: Home » Service Director » Microsoft CSP Management » Accounts. From Options column select Manage.
  • Select Groups tab as shown below. You can add new Groups by clicking on Add Group.
  • Add Bulk Distribution List via CSV.
  • Also perform "Sync All with Microsoft CSP" & Group Operations on Groups.

  • Under General settings section provide Group Type. Following types of Group can be added for CSP tenants

    1. Distribution Groups
    2. Dynamic Distribution Groups
    3. Mail Enabled Security Groups
    4. Security Groups
    5. Office365 groups

    Provide Display Name, Email Address, Group Alias, Privacy and Group owner.

  • You have following options under Distribution Groups:
  1. Group Members
  2. Delivery Management
    1. Choose who can send messages to this group
    2. Accept message from
    3. Reject message from
  3. Group Delegation
  4. Email Options

In addition to above you add also configure following:

  1. Group Members: Select Group Members.
    1. Member Join Restriction: Select join restriction.
      1. Open: Anyone can join this group without being approved by the group owners.
      2. Closed: Members can be added only by the group owners. All requests to join will be rejected automatically.
      3. Approval Required: All requests are approved or rejected by the group owners.
    2. Member Leave Restriction: Select leave restriction.
      1. Open: Anyone can leave this group without being approved by the group owners.
      2. Closed: Members can be removed only by the group owners. All requests to leave will be rejected automatically.
  2. Delivery management: You can choose delivery management for senders.
    1. Choose who can send messages to this group: Select one of the following:
      1. Only senders inside my organization
      2. Senders inside and outside of my organization
    2. Accept message from: Select members.
    3. Reject message from: Select members.
  3. Message Approval: Configure Message approval for group.
    1. Moderation enabled: Check if you want to enable.
    2. Moderated By: Select members.
    3. Send moderation notifications : Select one of the following option.
      1. Notify all senders when their messages aren't approved
      2. Notify senders in your organization when their messages aren't approved.
      3. Don't notify anyone when a message isn't approved
    4. Sender’s who do not require approval: Select members.
  4. Group Delegation: Select members for Send As and Send on behalf.
  5. Email options:  You can also add Email addresses.
    1. Mailtip: Provide Mail tip.
    2. Email Addresses: Select the email address type :
      1. SMTP
      2. Custom address type

Note: The address can be EX, X.500, X.400, MSMail, CcMail, Lotus Notes, NovellGroupWise, EUM Proxy address, and free text.  

Click Save when done.


Add Bulk Distribution List

On Add Bulk Distibution List you will see following interface:

Group Operation on Distribution Groups: