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HOW TO:RDS (Remote Desktop Services) Integration, Subscription and Management

Khurram Hameed

This article provides information about how to Integrate, Subscribe and Manage Remote Desk Services (RDS) in MachPanel Control server
Applies To

MachPanel version 6.3 onward


Active Directory Domain is Integrated.
How To:

  1. Enable RDS module: Log-in as Provider (or its Staff with abilities to Enable Built in Modules) Navigate to Home > System Configuration > Built-in Modules (../RCC/System/ConfigureModules.aspx)

    Log-off and Log-in again to see changes.

  2. Enable RDS provider(s) (should be enabled by default):
    Navigate to Home > System Configuration > Providers > RDS Providers then Check "Enabled" and Click Save:
  3. Add Server Group
    1. Add: Navigate to Home > Service Director > RDS Hosting > Server Groups click to Add Server Group

      Server Group Name:
      A name of one's own choice
      Select from enabled RDS Provider (s)
      Active Directory Domain:
      Select from Active Directory Domains

  4. Navigate to: Home > Service Director > RDS Hosting > Server Groups > Servers


  1. Add Server to Server Group:
    • Once you click "Servers" button, you get following screen to fill in "Server FQDN", "Server IP" and "Roles" in RDS Server settings:

      Server FQDN:
      This is the Fully Qualified Domain Name for RDS Server.
      Server IP:
      This is the IP address (as per IP Binding in MachPanel Remote Configuration Studio) of RDS Server.
      This is the designated Server Role (deployed on remote RDS server). You can select "RD Connection Broker", "RD TS Gateway" or "Both" from drop-down:

      Once added, Server will be shown in listing like this:

      Click Test Service to ensure that connection is successful.
  2. Add Plan:
    Navigate to Home > Service Plans > RDS Hosting, Click "Add New Product" from "Reseller Product Listing" or "Customer Product Listing" to add new plan for Reseller or Customer accordingly.
    Flow is same as that of other modules ( with the exception that cost and price of each resource can be set individually.

    1. Basic Info

    2. Resources

    3. Payment Cycle and Payment Group Selection

    4. Cost and Price against each collection
    5. Associate Add-on (only billing only add-on is available)

      Click Finish button to complete package creation.

  3. Subscribe customer to RDS Hosting Service:
    Follow the steps as highlighted on KB link below but choose "RDS Hosting" from Service selection:

    After order is completed, Job is added to Service queue, after getting processed subscription will list in RDS Accounts

  4. Manage RDS Hosting:
    Navigate to Home > Service Director > RDS Hosting > Accounts

    Clicking "Manage" link will take you to General Information tab:

    You can put the subscription On-Hold, mark it Cancelled and /or Generate Renewal Invoice. Subscribed Add-on(s) and Billing details can be viewed in next two adjacent tabs.

    You an view or add Policies from Polices Tab:

    Click "Add Policy" button to add new policy:

    You can view or add User Settings by clicking on User Settings Tab:

  5. Lastly, You can Add New File Share and Sync All File Share Used Storage by clicking File Share.