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HOW TO:Active Directory Packages\Addons

Mudesira Munir


This article explain how to create Packages for Active Directory.

Applies To
This article applies to MachPanel Build v6.0 and above
  1. Active Directory Domain must be added follow KB to add an AD domain in MachPanel.
  2. Reseller must have an Active Directory Product to use.
Create Active Directory Packages
  • In order to create Active Directory Plan navigate to following: Home > Service Plans > Active Directory
  • Click Add New Product as shown below:

  • Provide name of the product\plan and other option as per requirement and click Next.

  • Provide following under Resources tab.
    1. No. Of Organization Units: Provide number of ORG to be sold.
    2. No. of Security Groups: Provide allowed numbers of security or Active Directory Groups.
    3. No. of Active Directory Users: Provide Total number of allowed users in an ORG.
    4. No. of ADSync Enabled Users: Provide Total number of ADSync enabled users in an ORG.
    5. On Organization unit creation, create Security Group(s): Select this option and Add SG groups.
    6. Make New Security Group Created Member of following Group(s): Select SG group and Members

  • Select Payment Cycles and Payment Groups and click Next.

  • Add Price Group and click Next.

  • Associate Add-on (if any) and then Finish to create the Package.
Active Directory Add-ons

Similarly, you can create Active Directory Add-on and associate it to Active Directory plans.

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