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RELNOTES: MachPanel Build v5.2.11 Release Notes (May 13, 2015)

Zohaib Shaikh

  1. Important Prerequisites
  2. Upgrade Instructions
  3. Improvements\New Features
  4. Resolved\Fixed Issues
  5. Known Issues
Important Prerequisites
  1. MachPanel Control Server 5.2.10
  2. MachPanel Remote Server 5.2.10

Update Note:  The update is applied via an automatic updater by following the detailed instructions in links below. During the update process an older build will get updated to latest build in a stepwise process and any missing updates will be automatically installed. Just be sure to have a valid FULL Database Backup and backup of Installation files for MachPanel Control and Remote Servers.

Upgrade Instructions

Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:

  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server
Important Note:  Due to inclusion of new enhanced menu java scripts some interfaces may not work correctly due to cached content in browser cache in IE 10\11, Chrome, Firefox. Press CTRL+F5 and refresh the browser or clear browser cache and perform IISRESET on MachPanel Control Server after the update to fix such occurrences.

Major Enhancements
    1. Added Skype for Business integration.
    2. Added common/provider domain handling in Lync, user can subscribe to and create Lync users without having their own domain. Click here for more details.
Improvements\ New Features
  • General (Customer Management, HelpDesk, API, Billing, WHMCS)
  • Added default payment group selection option for Client. (During customer creation we can set default payment group and later it can be edited as well. Mainly required for Payment Group selection for customers when billing is OFF and client is to be used for Lync call reports.
  • Exchange
  • Added Mailbox Template name in Add/Remove Mailbox Audit log entries.
  • Added Handling for Exchange Databases move in DAG for Exchange database load balancing.
  • Public folder storage settings restriction updated to support values up to 2TB.
  • Added check on Exchange OU input, if OU already exists in DB, you cannot create new order with same input as new organization.
  • Lync
  • Added DID assignment to AD attribute in Lync.
  • Default currency of customer handling added in MachPanel and Lync call processing changed as:
    • In case billing is ON, use subscription currency to display call charges.
    • In case billing is OFF, use default currency of customer to display call charges.
  • Local call rates handling, separate rates for Inbound, outbound, video calls added and handled. Formatting of hours, minutes billed updated.
  • Enhanced “GetLyncPackageAndAddonsForNewUserAssignment” call, Result are made more readable i.e. result contains plan/addon name along with the identifiers.
  • Web Hosting
  • Implemented service plan check to include/exclude database/logs/mail size quota in disk space quota in HostMatic / MachPanel Web Hosting module.
  • SharePoint
  • Added ADFS handling in SharePoint module.
  • Hyper-V \VPS Hosting
  • VM computer name change functionality added in VM provisioning.
  • Added Remote Desktop feature in Hyper-V.

Resolved \ Fixed Issues

  • General (HelpDesk, API, Billing, WHMCS, ADSync)
  • Fixed Subscribe Service from client side gives error Unable to cast Object of Type HyperLink to LinkButton.
  • Fixed Audit Logs showing wrong entries in case CustomerId and EmployeeId matches.
  • Fixed provider gets error “Permission not found” when checking permissions of Customer under Reseller.
  • Fixed double selection of add-ons for managed add-ons, now order can be placed whether the radio is checked or not.
  • Fixed date issues in API add new Exchange order.
  • Fixed reseller / customer password edit using API.
  • Fixed process when ordering from API
  • Fixed issues while ordering from store.
  • Customer listing is not standardized for provider and reseller
  • Exchange
  • Fixed Full Access permissions are not correctly set in Shared mailbox.
  • Fixed Mailbox Databases page not listing all databases in a Server Group.
  • Fixed Export to Excel throws error in case Customer filter is applied in Mailbox Usage Report.
  • Fixed access permissions are not correctly set if a user navigates among Mailbox management options and move to General tab again.
  • Fixed Public Folder not importing permissions if Public Folder is not mail-enabled.
  • Fixed export to excel takes too long to generate excel file.
  • Disk quota showing wrong value in usage report.
  • Fixed SPLA by Customer report, excluded Shared/Resource mailboxes.
  • Public folder set permissions problem if Custom is selected and no check box is checked.
  • Fixed UserName is truncated in Mailbox setup email.
  • Fixed Default user permission to None in Ex2010 Public folder Add, Fix security group handling.
  • Lync
  • Fixed Lync Subscription error: Pending Lync subscription gives missing record error.
  • Fixed Phone Number un-assign in Lync user edit.
  • Enhanced Call rates handling in Lync to work with 3 decimal places.
  • Fixed Phone Number Edit in Lync user edit.
  • Fixed error in Lync subscription management under reseller when reseller is Commission Reseller
  • Fixed Optional fields handling in Lync Add user
  • Fixed Customer Dashboard showing wrong allowed number of Lync users.
  • Fixed email isn't being sent when Lync user is created
  • Fixed call rates input issue when locale is Dutch.
  • Fixed Call reports generate issue, reports are not update daily.
  • Fixed workflow edit not working if phone number is not assigned.
  • Reseller should be able to see only assigned dial plans.
  • Updated call time display to hh:mm:ss in call reports.
  • Fixed Package/Add-on quota issue in Edit User. Only Package/Addons with remaining resources and the corresponding Package/Addon of edit user is listed.
  • Company Name/Owner drop-downs fixed to be consistent. Fixed in Lync call settings and ADSync usage report.
  • CRM
  • Fixed CRM user edit not working if ADSync is enabled for user.
  • Fixed CRM user setup email to not show old password in User setup email.
  • HostMatic\Web Hosting
  • Fixed disk quota usage reporting reports wrong quota value in HostMatic/MachPanel Web Hosting.
  • SharePoint
  • Fixed SharePoint multi-tenant import problem of not associating the back-end SharePoint subscription id and feature pack id with subscription and portal.
  • Fixed SharePoint Usage report not updating used disk space value.
  • Fixed SharePoint user setup email to not show old password in User setup email.
Known Issues

  1. Getting below Error Message each time a customer edits his profile, the admin edits a profile from a customer or when a new customer gets created:
Fatal error: Call to a member function __getLastRequest() on a non-object in /home/fast4you/public_html/modules/servers/machpanel/hooks.php on line 335
While using API via any other programming language other than DotNet (.Net) or using MachPanel WHMCS module, customers may face such issue.

A new property is defined for MachPanel Customer/Reseller account in MachPanel API i.e. PGID and for the programming languages other than .Net it will be required that all the properties of an object are set before they are transmitted over SOAP channel.

PGID(Payment Group ID): this is set for customer/reseller default payment group id for billing purposes. You can set it to 0 or you can call an API method (GetAllPaymentGroups) to fetch list of available payment groups and then assign a one to the customer/reseller object from source request.


a:  Update WHMCS integration package from link below:
b:  When setting the customer/reseller properties in client application code using API (in php, python etc…), set PGID for the customer/reseller account.

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