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RELNOTES:5.2.10 HF4 - Hotfix 4 for MachPanel build v5.2.10 (22nd April 2015)

Zohaib Shaikh


This article provides 5.2.10 HF4 (Hotfix-4) and information about how to apply this fix on your servers.

Applies To

This article applies to MachPanel v5.2.10.

Important Notes

  • MachPanel Control Panel and all MachPanel Remote Servers need to be on build 5.2.10 and then Hotfix can be applied. Please follow the steps given below in sequence and execute instructions in the KB articles to complete the update:
  1. Update to Latest MachPanel
  2. Update to Latest MachPanel Remote Server

Latest Issues Fixed

This patch includes the latest fixes as below:

    1. Fixed process when ordering from API
    2. Fixed issues while ordering from store
    3. Added DID assignment to AD attribute in Lync.
    4. Fixed Optional fields handling in Lync Add user.
    5. Fixed Customer Dashboard showing wrong allowed number of Lync users.
    6. Fixed email isn't being sent when Lync user is created
    7. Customer Listing  is not standardized for provider and reseller
    8. Added Handling for Exchange Databases move in DAG for Exchange database load balancing.
    9. Public folder storage Setting  restriction updated to support values up-to 2TB.
    10. Added check on Exchange OU input, if OU already exists in DB, you cannot create new order with same input as new organization.
    11. Added default payment group option for Client.
    12. Fixed call rates input issue when local is Dutch.
    13. Local call rates handling, separate rates for Inbound, outbound, video calls added and handled. Formatting of hours, minutes billed updated.
    14. Default currency of customer handling added in MachPanel and Lync call processing changed as:
        a. In case billing is on use subscription currency to display call charges.
        b. In case billing off use default currency of customer to display call charges.
    15. Fixed Call reports generate issue, reports are not update daily.
    16. Added common/provider domain handling in Lync, user can create Lync organization without having own domain.


    1. Go to MachPanel configuration studio.
    2. Stop all services related to MachPanel. 
    3. Exit MachPanel configuration studio.
    4. Download the hotfix file from the link at bottom of this page.
    5. Open services.msc on MachPanel remote servers and stop MachPanel provisioning service.
    6. Make sure MachPanel configuration studio is not running from task manager.
    7. Replace files from Control Server folder on MachPanel control server and Replace files from Remote server folder of hotfix folder on MachPanel remote server keeping the folder hierarchy same as it is in hotfix. (you should get message to overwrite files, if not you are not doing it right).
    8. Execute script from zip file on MachPanel_Db after logging in to SQL management studio as MachPanel_Db user.  Password can be obtained from connection string in registry of MachPanel Control Server. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MachSol\MachPanel)
    9. Once all files are replaced properly from hotfix folder restart all services related to MachPanel on Control as well as Remote Servers.

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